New Next Generation NEXUS Kiosks Coming

As a NEXUS member, I just received an email with some significant updates about the kiosk process when traveling by air between the United States & Canada.

“Next Generation” kiosks are being installed to provide “faster, more reliable and more efficient service in the air mode.”

These new kiosks are first being implemented at Macdonald-Cartier International Airport in Ottawa and by November, the rest of the Canadian international airports will be completed.

Here are the directions from the email.

  1. Please have your NEXUS card ready
  2. Select language of choice before inserting your NEXUS card into the document reader;
  3. When prompted, insert your NEXUS card into the document reader;
  4. Ensure the card is face up (picture side) and fully inserted into the reader;
  5. Leave the card in the reader until instructed to remove it;
  6. You will receive audio instructions advising you to look into the mirror;
  7. You will use the arrows located on the mirrors to adjust to ensure that you see both eyes;
  8. Look into the mirror, moving slightly forward or backward until you see the circle centered between your eyes change from orange to green; and
  9. Follow the instructions on the screen and answer the questions on the monitor.

This is very different from the current process because now you will have to carry your actual NEXUS card with you. Previously, you could scan your passport before being prompted for the iris scan.

Why NEXUS & Not Global Entry?

Why do I have NEXUS and not Global Entry like so many others? Well for a few reasons:

  • It costs $50, which is $50 cheaper than Global Entry
  • It has the same benefits of Global Entry – faster entry back into the United States & eligibility for TSA PreCheck
  • It can streamline entry into Canada (which Global Entry cannot)

It is, however, a bit harder to get depending on your location. The interview and iris scan must be completed at a border crossing location. For example, I built my interview into a trip to Vancouver and went to the NEXUS enrollment center in downtown Vancouver.

For a complete list of NEXUS enrollment centers, please see this link.

If you find yourself near or traveling to/through one of these locations and would like to have the benefits of Global Entry for a lower price, definitely start the NEXUS application process at the official Global Online Enrollment System web site.