US Airways Grand Slam 2011 Promo: Updates

It seems that US Airways ran another sweep through accounts for the Grand Slam. I just received my Tier 3 bonus of 5,000 Dividend Miles. I think I was one hit away from hitting Tier 4!

Oh well, let’s keep up the hits. More of them are posting. Just this week, I’ve seen – Sharebuilder, Dividend Miles toolbar, and FTD. I’m surprised 1800Flowers is taking so long, as is Netflix.

I just wanted to update everyone on how things were going for me. For a good reference guide, see my post here. Let’s keep working to get the most hits we can for the least amount of money!


US Airways Grand Slam 2011 Promo: The Cheapest Hits Guide

Since I’m pretty much set with my hits and just waiting for them to post to my Dividend Miles account, I decided to compile a more organized list of hits in order for someone who hasn’t even started the Grand Slam promotion to get to each tier bonus level for the least amount of money AND effort. Most of the cheapest hits are a simple purchase so the effort will not be much.

To get an overall understanding of what this promotion is about, Mommy Points has the best explanation here.

A good goal I’ve been telling clients about is 16 hits. 16 hits will get you 25,000 bonus miles and you will end up with about 30,000 total miles for a mere $149 spent. That equates to a domestic round trip award ticket for $124!

Check out my chart sorted from cheapest/free hits to most expensive. This is a fast track to 16 hits.

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US Airways Grand Slam 2011 Promo: Time to think about 28 hits

The tier bonuses have officially started! Both Joann and I have seen our accounts get updated with the Grand Slam 2011 tier bonuses!

US Airways Grand Slam

Joann's Account

US Airways Grand Slam Tier 2

My Tier 2 Bonus

I should see the tier 2 bonus for 8 hits, if my estimations are correct. Last post left off with me thinking about ways to get to 24 hits. Well I’ve got my ducks in a row to get the last few hits to 24, and I’m even in line to possibly go for 28!

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US Airways Grand Slam 2011 Promo: Pushing for 24 Hits

For my first 8 hits, click here. For my next 8, click here.

I have pretty much run out of very cheap hits. I have a few hotel stays that are already planned that will help. I don’t consider those money spent for the intents and purposes of this promotion.

17. Netflix subscription. Cost: $48. I have Netflix on and off (depending what promotions are available) and now is a better time than any to get back on. You must keep subscription accounts open until May 14, 2012.

18. Teleflora. Cost: $44.98. I ordered the Make-A-Wish standard bouquet for $29.99 + shipping. Joann should enjoy some nice flowers.

19. Network Solutions. Cost: $37.98. Complete throwaway as I don’t need email management. As per this post on FlyerTalk, you can get this hit even cheaper at $26.

20. Hertz rental. Cost: $29.03. During my lunch hour on Friday, I’m going to a Hertz Local Edition right across the highway to rent a car and return it. Hopefully I can explain the situation to the agent and he or she can just process the paperwork without me ever stepping foot in the car. Otherwise, I’ll just go grab lunch nearby and return the car.

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US Airways Grand Slam 2011 Promo: Next 8 Hits

Here is my next batch of hits for the US Airways Grand Slam 2011 promotion. If you missed the first 8 hits, please check out my post here.

9. Starwood hotel points transfer. Cost: $22.50. The minimum transfer, since I am an SPG Gold member, is 1500 points. I value those 1500 points at $45. I value 1500 US Airways miles at $22.50. Therefore, I am ‘losing’ about $22.50 in value.

10. TrackItBack purchase. Cost: $24.94. The Single Pack of stickers is the cheapest item on the site and a total throwaway for me.

11. Buy miles at Cost: $29.56. I bought 1,000 miles here.

12. Exchange miles at Cost: FREE. I exchanged 4 Asia Miles (Cathay Pacific) for 1 US Dividend Mile. You can also exchange 4 AA miles for 1 US mile. If you don’t miles to exchange, a nifty strategy is to leverage the US miles you just bought in the step above. Exchange 10 US miles for 4 Asia Miles. Then exchange those 4 Asia Miles for the 1 US mile. And there’s your hit!

13. Magazines Mileage Awards. Cost: 200 US Dividend Miles. I ordered Cooking Light for 200 miles. Remember to cancel the subscription before next year!

14. FTD purchase. Cost: $33.14. I ordered the I Love You Bear by Build-A-Bear. Not a throwaway because again, baby Mia will like it! Or Joann can have it 😉

15. Share miles. Cost: $20. I transferred 1,000 miles to Joann for $40 all in. Mommy Points reminds that this counts as a hit for both parties so at least we can split the cost in half.

16. Super Shuttle. Cost: $31. I bought a 2 shuttle tickets for my parents who are in San Francisco right now so I have actual use for this. I think the cheapest shuttle ticket you can buy is around $11.50 using the promo code UYR59.

So my rolling tally is 16 hits which will get me 25,000 Dividend Miles. Total cost is now $221.69. Cents per mile is still under my goal of 1; it’s currently 0.88 CPM. It’s not amazing but purchases like the Super Shuttle would have been made anyway so using those purchases to get to certain milestones in this promo is satisfactory for me.

Keep following for the 3rd batch of hits. Hopefully I can get to 24 hits (45,000 miles) without too much money out of pocket.