Don’t Forget to Track Car Rental Reservations with AutoSlash

Some people think car rentals can be a lengthy process. For me, I try to keep it as simple as possible. You have two options to use AutoSlash.

  1. Search for a car using their site
  2. Make your booking elsewhere & use AutoSlash to find better rates

The problem with #1 is that several major car rental companies have since bowed out of the AutoSlash results – Hertz, Thrifty, Dollar & Advantage to name a few. Because of that, I mostly use AutoSlash’s second option.

After I make my booking, I immediately navigate to AutoSlash’s tracking feature. This is such an easy “set & forget” process that there is no reason to skip it after completing your car rental booking.

My most recent experience with them was last week and it was stellar, as usual. I made a booking for Orlando with Hertz (I typically only rent with major companies like Hertz, Avis, or National) and entered the reservation number at AutoSlash on 3/26. The day after, I received the “Great News!” email that I love to see.

AutoSlash will send you any better rates from any rental company

AutoSlash will send you any better rates from any rental company

I clicked on the Avis link and proceeded to confirm the new rate, now booked through AutoSlash. One caveat to note is that I now had to cancel my existing reservation with Hertz. Simple as that; AutoSlash saved me almost $60 in a day.

To put more icing on the cake, I received several more Great News email!

autoslash great news

In total, I went from a $177 reservation with Hertz to an $83 reservation with Avis. Fine by me. Thank you, AutoSlash! I will continue to use it going forward.

Hertz Triple Points Promotion

What’s the deal?

Hertz is offering triple points for car rentals picked up between September 4 – December 15, 2012.

So, for every dollar you spend, you’ll get triple the amount of Hertz points.

hertz triple points promotion

Is it worth it?

Sure… if you were already planning on renting a car and the rates are decent. Considering that one weekend day rental is only 500 points, you can earn it by spending $166 (excluding taxes & surcharges) in this triple points promotion.

hertz free weekend day

500 points for a free weekend day

Additionally, a full weekly rental saves you a few points at 2,500. While I doubt you’ll earn 2,500 points with this promotion, every little bit helps to build your account balance.

How do I get in on it?

Just register here with your Hertz Gold Plus Rewards number. If you’re not a member yet, sign up! Hertz is waiving the $60 fee (until Sept 30) to become a Gold member so it’s nice to not be the bottom tier.

It may or may not be targeted because my e-mail address was in the original link, but for triple points, it’s worth a try!

Hawaii 219: St. Regis Princeville Resort, Kaua’i


We boarded the Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 717 for the 35 minute flight to Lihue Airport on Kaua’i. Soon enough we landed, gathered our luggage, and took the National shuttle once again. National on Kaua’i does not have a great selection. There was no Executive Aisle and not much choice overall. Remembering what The Points Guy had said about a 4WD, we decided to take the Jeep Wrangler with removable hard top. It had under 10k miles on it and was in great cosmetic shape. Maybe it’s just me, but I thought the car was a piece of junk. So much plastic and it didn’t drive well either. It would prove to be just fine since the 4WD came in handy a few times during our trip.

At least it looked nice!

We drove about an hour north from the airport to the town of Princeville where the St. Regis is located. Within that hour, it was easy to see how vastly different Kaua’i was from Oahu. Everything was much less developed and seemed a lot more laid back. In fact, the building code of Kaua’i states that no building can be higher than the tallest coconut tree. It really makes the island feel more personal than the rest.

The resort itself is 2 miles past this entrance

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