How To: Pay the Argentina Reciprocity Fee

UPDATE 7/22/2015: A commenter just informed me that there is a new web site you can use to pay for the Reciprocity Fee – It seems very straight forward & a much better experience than the previous one! Use it from now on!

If you are a US citizen and traveling to Argentina, you will have to pay a Reciprocity Fee. This is because the US levies this fee on citizens of Argentina (among other countries) who want to visit the US.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • The reciprocity fee costs $160.
  • It is valid for 10 years from the date of payment and for multiple entries.
  • Once paid online, you must print out the confirmation and bring it with you to present to the Argentine immigration officer.

I was slightly confused about where to start on the reciprocity fee website, but once I got past registration, everything was straightforward.

Hopefully, this walkthrough helps anyone who needs it.

1. Sign up for the website

Navigate here –

Create a username. Enter your info. Click Sign Up.

2. Add Form

After the Sign Up screen, you’ll see the screen below to add a form.

Note: You’ll need your passport number.

argentina reciprocity fee

Enter your info & click Add

argentina reciprocity fee

Now you see that the form has been added to your profile

3. Click Pay

Clicking Pay will bring you here:

argentina reciprocity fee

Choose your payment method and agree to terms

4. Click Continue

A new window will pop up where you can enter your credit card information.

NOTE: This will be paid in Argentine Pesos so make sure you use a credit card that has no foreign exchange fees.

argentina reciprocity fee

Enter your CC info and click Send

5. Transaction Confirmed!


You should also receive an email to the address you supplied.

Also, you can check your profile and access this “ticket”.

Print it out (make sure the bar code is legible) and keep it in a safe place until you travel to Argentina! You’ll present it to the immigration officer upon your arrival.

You can always come back to the website if you need to print it out again.

argentina reciprocity fee

Your Reciprocity Fee Ticket