US Airways: Targeted 15,000 Bonus Offer

I recently applied and got approved for my second US Airways MasterCard from Barclay’s. Then, I received this email from them (along with a flyer in the regular mail).

US Airways 15K Bonus Email

15,000 bonus miles are waiting for you

You can already earn miles for every purchase with your newUS Airways Dividend Miles® MasterCard®. And with this special offer, your card is now more rewarding than ever. Earn 15,000 bonus miles when you spend over $750 in new purchases each month in January, February and March.

This seems to be a common targeted bonus offer as I’ve received it in the past with my old card.

Either way, this will be an easy 15,000 miles. $750 a month in the next 3 months is nothing.

I’m glad that US Airways and Barclays are trying to get competitive in the miles and points world. Joann got a similar offering with category bonuses, but the offer is capped at 2,500 bonus miles. Nothing special but we’ll be sure to maximize that as well.

So keep an eye out in your inboxes and mailboxes!

A Few Good Fares

US Airways: EWR-SFO $235

Newark to San Francisco on US Airways.

Fares are good through mid-February 2013.

This is bookable on

ewr sfo us airways

United: NYC-PDX $218-225

Either LGA or JFK to PDX (Portland, OR).

Fares look good through mid-February 2013.

This is bookable on

lga pdx united

US Airways: NYC-SAN $229-240

Availability from LGA/JFK/EWR to SAN (San Diego).

Fares look good through early February 2013.

This is bookable

ewr san us airways

Southwest: 40% Sale

Southwest is having a 40% sale on several routes. There are a some blackout dates and excluded city pairs.

Check out the promo page for more info.

southwest promo

Southwest: EWR-SFO $177

Here’s a GREAT fare due to this 40% off promo.

ewr sfo southwest

US Airways 5x Bonus Miles for Barclays Dividend Miles Cardholders

What’s the deal???

Joann received a US Airways promotion in the regular mail the other day.

From October 1 – December 31, 2012, use your US Airways Dividend Miles MasterCard and receive 5 bonus miles for every dollar in purchases at the following:

  • Department stores
  • Electronics stores
  • Restaurants (including fast food)

Is this a good deal?

Even though the maximum bonus miles you can earn through this promotion is capped at 2,500, which is $500 in spending, any promotion with categories like this are good.

This promotion is targeted, but it doesn’t seem like they have any way to check that upon registering. So if you have a US Airways Dividend Miles MasterCard, then, by all means, register!

How do I get in on this?

  1. Click here.
  2. Enter the promo code they sent you by October 20, 2012.
  3. Use your US Airways card for spending in the categories mentioned earlier, up to $500.
US Airways 5x Bonus Miles Promo

Promotion Landing Page

US Airways 5x Bonus Miles Promo

Confirmation Page

What if I’m not targeted?

Only Joann was targeted, but I was able to sign up since the link only asks for First Name, Last Name, and Promo Code.

As always, YMMV (Your Miles May Vary aka it may or may not work) but this is definitely worth a try for a few bonus miles.


Even though this promotion is targeted, the registration is open so you should register. Give it a few days then call the number on the back of your card confirm registration.

The worst they can is you’re not eligible. The best they can say is you ARE eligible and then you’re on your way to spending $500 at restaurants on department stores for an extra 2,500 bonus miles!

US Airways: 100% Bonus on Purchased Miles

What’s the deal???

From now through September 30, 2012, US Airways is giving a 100% bonus on purchased miles.


The maximum amount of miles you can buy is 50,000. Therefore, the max number of miles you can get from this promotion with the bonus is 100,000 US Airways Dividend Miles.

If you are not a member of the Dividend Miles program, sign up here because you cannot participate in these buy miles promotions unless your account is at least 12 days old.

Is this a good deal?

Like the Alaska Airlines miles promotion from earlier this week, it’s pretty good if you have a specific goal in mind.

The math breakdown is that each mile will cost you 1.88 cents.

Example 1

You want to buy miles to use on a domestic round trip award in Economy – 25,000 miles (see US Airways partner award chart here)

25,000 miles x $0.0188 (i.e. 1.88 cents) = $470

For the most part, that’s terrible. You’re obviously better off just buying a ticket.

Example 2

You want to buy miles to use on an international round trip award to Japan (North Asia zone) in Economy – 60,000 miles

60,000 miles x $0.0188 = $1,128

Generally, you can buy a coach ticket for less than that AND you’d be earning miles when you flew that paid ticket.

Example 3

You want to buy miles to use on an international round trip award to Japan in Business – 90,000 miles

90,000 miles x $0.0188 = $1,692

That’s awesome for ANY Business Class ticket, let alone as far off as Asia.

ANA 787 Dreamliner Business Class seat

ANA (partners with US Airways) 787 Dreamliner Business Class Seat

How do I get in on this deal?

Simply click here and fill out your information.

If you have a US Airways Dividend Miles MasterCard, consider paying with that as you’ll receive double points since this is a US Airways purchase.


Like all the other promotions, always consider why you would be buying these miles. Where would you go? How soon will you use them?

Miles don’t gain any interest like our money does sitting in a savings account so there’s no point in stocking them. These buying opportunities pop up very often, especially this particular promotion from US Airways.

Mother’s Day Flower Deals

Happy May! Mother’s Day is less than 2 weeks away on May 13th. Why not show your mom how much you appreciate her by sending her some flowers? And should you get some miles or cash back out of it, that’s just icing on the cake. FYI, if you sign up to eBates or Big Crumbs using my links, I get a small referral credit 🙂

Here are a few of the Mother’s Day offers that online retailers are advertising:

FTD – 30 miles per dollar
ProFlowers – 10 miles per dollar
Teleflora – 10 miles per dollar
1-800-Flowers – 7 miles per dollar

1-800-Flowers – 35 miles per dollar
FTD -9 miles per dollar… OR 1,500 miles per order
ProFlowers – 10 miles per dollar

Jet Blue
FTD – 20 points per dollar

Teleflora – 1,500 miles per order

FTD – 30 miles per dollar + 150 miles per purchase

US Airways
FTD – 25 miles per dollar

Chase Ultimate Rewards
ProFlowers – 15 points per dollar
Teleflora – 10 points per dollar
FTD – 10 points per dollar
1-800-Flowers – 9 miles per dollar

Big Crumbs
1-800-Flowers – 12.6% cash back
FTD – 7% cash back
ProFlowers – 7% cash back
Teleflora – 7% cash back

FTD – 20% cash back
Teleflora – 20% cash back
ProFlowers – 12% cash back
1-800-Flowers – 8% cash back

Fat Wallet
FTD – 14% cash back & $10 iTunes gift card
ProFlowers – 10% cash back
Teleflora – 5% cash back
1-800-Flowers – 4% cash back