$10 Off Uber with Google Wallet

I just opened up my Uber app here in Honolulu and this offer popped up:

uber google wallet $10When paying with Google Wallet, new users will get $20 off and existing Uber users will receive $10 off.

I tried opening the Uber app on Joann’s iPhone and this didn’t pop up. Then, I remembered that there is no Google Wallet option for iPhone users yet.

Like last time, this is only valid for Android users.

If you haven’t joined Uber yet, here’s my link! You’ll receive a $10 credit for your first ride and I’ll receive a $10 credit as well. So new Uber Android users will actually start off with a $30 credit!

Uber offered this same deal back in July.

Please comment if you are an Android user and can confirm this offer pops up for you in other cities, too!