Hawaii Mileage Run: National Car Rental


Aloha When Departing & Arriving

Aloha When Departing & Arriving

Luckily, right when we walked out of baggage claim, the National shuttle bus was picking up another passenger. We hopped on.

The driver radioed ahead that we were Executive status, but I don’t think that does much at the HNL location. There’s no “real” Emerald or Executive Aisle where you can just go straight to any car and the keys are in the car. This lot is shared by a few rental companies and is unsecured so we still had to visit the booth.

The booth agent informed me that I could choose any Economy car because that’s the car class that I reserved. Booking a Mid-Size is a requirement of receiving aisle selection. I knew that going in and just wanted to reserve the cheapest rental possible while also getting credit for National’s One Two FREE promotion.

The only Economy cars that were available were Impalas so we told them to give us anything. Nothing spectacular at all. Actually, I think it’s a piece of crap. I even wish we could have gotten a VW Jetta like last time. Oh well, it’ll do.

Another note for the HNL location, you won’t see Wranglers or sports cars/convertibles in the Emerald or Executive Aisles. It’s Hawaii; people reserve these “vacation” cars and you will almost never come across one to choose for free.

Our first stop, as per tradition, is the L&L Hawaiian Barbecue right outside Honolulu Airport. It’s the perfect location if you ever have a layover at HNL or you need to eat before or after a flight. Very very close in the Airport Trade Center at Paiea St. & Koapaka.

It was a great pick me up after a long flight – chicken katsu curry & loco moco plate lunches!

L & L

L & L – I’ve never met a curry that photo’d well!

After fueling up, it was onto Waikiki-bound traffic and our hotel…