JetBlue Family Pooling Program

JetBlue has just announced Family Pooling, which allows up to 2 adults and 5 children to share a single “family” account. This makes them the first loyalty program in the US to allow consolidating of points between members. This is a huge development because most loyalty program charge fees to transfer miles or points from one member to another.

jetblue family pooling

With Family Pooling, any member of the family that earns points can contribute up to 100% of those points to the family pool. Note: Once you set a contribution percentage, you cannot change that for 1 year so choose wisely! Also, any points that are contributed to the family pool are effectively “lost” from your individual account. They now belong to the family pool.

This program is similar to the British Airways Household Account where the household can share the Avios points of every member. The difference between JetBlue’s program and British Airways’ is that you have a choice of how much to contribute with JetBlue. With British Airways, redeeming an award meant taking a proportionate amount of points from each member so household members with larger balances would contribute more.

Also, JetBlue has a looser definition of family (stating so in their video on the Family Pooling page). Friends can sign up to be part of your family and pool points, but note that only the Head of Household will manage the points of the family pool.

Getting Started

Getting started is easy. You must first create your family with a family name and designate yourself as the Head of Household. Then you can invite others. I invited Joann and completed her signup to the family very quickly.

jetblue family

Not many points but hoping that will change quicker now!

What else do I need to know?

  • Families can consist of up to 2 adults and 5 children. At a minimum, there must be 2 individuals in a Family Pooling account.
  • The Head of Household will manage all of the points in their Family Pooling account.
  • Any adult can start a Family Pooling account and be the Head of Household. You just have to be a TrueBlue member to get started.
  • An adult is anyone over the age of 21. A child is anyone under 21.
  • Upon accepting an invitation to begin pooling, each family member will select how many points to contribute upfront (with zero transfer fees) and the percentage of points they want to contribute on an ongoing basis per transaction.
  • Changes in contributions can be made once a year starting on the date the family account was formed.
  • Members are not permitted to join multiple different Family Pooling accounts.
  • Here are the rest of the Terms & Conditions

Overall, this is a positive change and JetBlue is really doing great things this year when it comes to loyalty. This Family Pooling feature is actually making me reconsider our flying strategy and we might even look into the JetBlue American Express card for our next churn as well.

JetBlue Pulls #HotSeats Promo Early – Offers Consolation Code

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Sad news. JetBlue just announced that they had to pull their #HotSeats promotion early. I wrote about this promotion earlier in the week.

JetBlue HotSeats Promo

It was a pretty cool promo, releasing a code that took 90% off base fares when the temperature reached 90 degrees in Central Park NYC.

It was originally scheduled to run until Saturday, July 20, 2013. Anyway, forget that. It’s over now.

The New Deal

The good news is they’re offering a code for us to use where supplies aren’t limited.

To prove we’re not full of hot air and to make sure everyone lands a hot deal, we’re offering 25% off fall flights from New York’s JFK/LGA/EWR airports. Just book by 7/19 at 4 p.m. EDT for travel 9/3 – 10/31/13 using promo code 2HOT2HANDLE. The promo code is good for all days and all domestic flights (including Puerto Rico), as long as there’s an available seat. Supplies AREN’T limited, so feel free to use the code more than once.

  • You can head to to enter the code 2HOT2HANDLE.
  • Offer ends 7/19 4:00 PM EDT.
  • Valid for travel between 9/3 – 10/31/2013
  • Only valid for one-way OR round trip flights departing from JFK/LGA/EWR.
  • Valid destinations are anywhere in the USA, including Puerto Rico.

This is pretty nice of them to do. Lots of companies pull promotions early without any recompense. It’s no surprise that JetBlue seems to be making great progress in the social and loyalty game.

Please feel free to share any good fares you might find with this promo code!

JetBlue Hot Seats – Save 90%!

UPDATE 7/16 11:24 pm: Today was the first day of the deal we learned that departure from NYC must be on the 17th or 18th and return to NYC must be on the 21st or 22nd. This pattern of immediate departures is likely to continue the rest of the week, which makes it a bit more difficult to take advantage of for some but not impossible. Good luck and I hope you have days off from work!


Look out, NYC. When the temperature hits 90 degrees, JetBlue is offering a limited amount of flights from JFK/LGA/EWR for 90% off!

Just visit their page for more details.



Visit our site daily now through July 20, 2013 to check the temperature in New York’s Central Park courtesy of

• Starting at 12PM if the temperature hits 90°+ degrees, we’ll unveil a very limited quantity of promo codes good for 90% off* the base fare of a roundtrip, nonstop JetBlue flight from New York’s JFK, LGA or EWR airports. New bookings only.

• Travel will be valid only on the departure and return dates specified for the particular promo code. Roundtrip purchase required. Must depart from/return to the same airport.

• Only a very limited amount of promo codes will be available, so grab ‘em while it’s hot! Once they’re gone, well, they’re gone, or until the next time it hits 90°F this week!

Obviously, the supply will be VERY limited at these prices, but it’s something to keep an eye out for.

And if you’ve been in NYC lately, you know it’ll be 90 degrees even before noon so get ready at 12:00 PM every day this week!


Hat tip to NYCAviation.

Mother’s Day Flower Deals

Happy May! Mother’s Day is less than 2 weeks away on May 13th. Why not show your mom how much you appreciate her by sending her some flowers? And should you get some miles or cash back out of it, that’s just icing on the cake. FYI, if you sign up to eBates or Big Crumbs using my links, I get a small referral credit 🙂

Here are a few of the Mother’s Day offers that online retailers are advertising:

FTD – 30 miles per dollar
ProFlowers – 10 miles per dollar
Teleflora – 10 miles per dollar
1-800-Flowers – 7 miles per dollar

1-800-Flowers – 35 miles per dollar
FTD -9 miles per dollar… OR 1,500 miles per order
ProFlowers – 10 miles per dollar

Jet Blue
FTD – 20 points per dollar

Teleflora – 1,500 miles per order

FTD – 30 miles per dollar + 150 miles per purchase

US Airways
FTD – 25 miles per dollar

Chase Ultimate Rewards
ProFlowers – 15 points per dollar
Teleflora – 10 points per dollar
FTD – 10 points per dollar
1-800-Flowers – 9 miles per dollar

Big Crumbs
1-800-Flowers – 12.6% cash back
FTD – 7% cash back
ProFlowers – 7% cash back
Teleflora – 7% cash back

FTD – 20% cash back
Teleflora – 20% cash back
ProFlowers – 12% cash back
1-800-Flowers – 8% cash back

Fat Wallet
FTD – 14% cash back & $10 iTunes gift card
ProFlowers – 10% cash back
Teleflora – 5% cash back
1-800-Flowers – 4% cash back