Credit Karma Now Provides Full Credit Report For Free

I use Credit Karma for loosely monitoring my TransUnion-based credit score. It’s a free service and it will update your score once a week when you log in.

Recently, they have added your full credit report to the list of features.

This is a great value add since, normally, you would only be able to run your free credit report once a year with each credit bureau via

I found my report to be 100% accurate, even with the current balances per account to date.

This new feature will also keep track of your hard credit inquiries and when they fall off (2 years). Keep in mind, this will only be your inquiries based on TransUnion.

Credit Karma

Credit Karma

Being aware of your credit is very important, in both the miles & points game and in general. This new feature will allow you to check your credit on a weekly basis, which is very helpful when timing your next round of credit card applications!

Hat tip to ack154 on reddit.