RTW to Bali: Cathay Pacific Business Class, Hong Kong – Denpasar, Bali


Joann and I made our way through Hong Kong International, taking in the sights, people watching, and admiring the clean, bright conditions that HKG seemed to be in. It was a far cry from our home airport, EWR, that’s for sure.

HKG (Hong Kong) – DPS (Denpasar)
26 AUG 2012
Boeing 747-400
Business Class, Upper Deck

Seats 81A, 81K

Boarding & Settling In

When we got to the gate, Business Class was invited to board and we were the first ones on the this 747, the Queen of the Skies. I definitely wanted to make sure we got a shot of the stairs going up to the upper deck!

cathay pacific hong kong denpasar business class bali  hkg dps 747

Stairway to heaven?

The stairs lead to the aft of the upper deck cabin. A very friendly flight attendant greeted us and showed us to our seats at the very front, right behind the flight deck. It was really cool to be right behind the pilots on the upper deck.

We were offered pre-departure drinks and started back up on the champagne. I could get used to starting a flight with some bubbly!

Upper Deck Business Class

Upper Deck Business Class

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RTW to Bali: Cathay Pacific Lounges in Hong Kong – The Wing & The Pier


We were the first to disembark the plane and it was early (around 5am local time) so Joann and I had a leisurely walk in a quiet Hong Kong International Airport to the our first destination – The Wing, one of Cathay Pacific’s 4 lounges at HKG.

The Wing

hong kong cathay pacific lounges

Front entrance of The Wing

Upon entering, the Cathay lounge attendants took our lounge invitations that were printed in JFK and welcomed us with smiles. I immediately asked about a shower and they directed us to the end of the long hallway where another attendant would assist us.

hong kong cathay pacific lounges

The long hallway leading to the shower rooms

Luckily, there were two shower rooms available so we both went right in. Showering in an airport; who would’ve thought? It was perfectly refreshing and just what we needed after a 15 hour flight, especially with the elegant facilities and amenities.

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RTW to Bali: JFK-HKG Cathay Pacific First Class


Our first ever long-haul flight in an international premium cabin… Cathay Pacific First Class. Pure ecstasy in the air.

This is going to be a LONG post with LOTS of pictures… and it’s all worth it.

After walking through the throngs of people hovering around the gate, we were among the first to board. As I handed my 1A boarding pass to the flight attendant at the door to the aircraft, he directed me to the left and all the way up. We were finally here!

JFK (New York) – HKG (Hong Kong)
25 AUG 2012
Boeing 777-300ER
First Class

Seats 1A, 2A

The Suite

The first thing that went through my head as I walked to the very front of the plane was “WOW.” I’d seen plenty of pictures prior to this but being here in person was actually a surreal feeling. Right then, I knew all the planning, credit card churning, and overall points hustling had all been worth it.

Right away, we both got to exploring our own suites and taking pictures with every device imaginable – iPhone, Canon 300 HS (our point & shoot of choice), and my Canon 40D digital SLR.

Easily, the best parts about the suite are the privacy (only a step below completely enclosed suites) and the seat width. The seat is 3 feet wide; Joann and I even watched a movie together sharing it.

This command center of an airplane seat also had plenty of storage compartments for your small travel gear, a closet,  and a dual-purpose ottoman – 1) to extend the bed when fully flat and 2) to act as a seat for a visitor.

One thing to note if you have a chance to fly this plane (and you should try your hardest to) is that the left side of the cabin will be the most private.

Check out the seating chart. Each row has 3 seats, but both the D & K seats access the aisle on the right. Therefore, only 1A and 2A access the left aisle so it’ll feel a bit more private.

I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves, but I assure you, they don’t do the suites any justice.

cathay pacific first class jfk hkg hong kong bali

First Class Suite… private!

cathay pacific first class jfk hkg hong kong bali

From the reverse angle…

cathay pacific first class jfk hkg hong kong bali

The behemoth of an airplane seat… 3 feet wide

cathay pacific first class jfk hkg hong kong bali

Ottoman that doubles as a visitor seat for couples dining

cathay pacific first class jfk hkg hong kong bali

Noise cancelling headphones

cathay pacific first class jfk hkg hong kong bali

Everyone else settling in; our side was most private b/c of this wall. And there’s Mama ‘Just Another Points Traveler‘ on the left!

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RTW to Bali: JFK & British Airways First Class Lounge


Round the World to Bali in First Class. This is where the trip begins.

JFK Terminal 7 Check-In

Joann’s Dad dropped us off at JFK Terminal 7 which is mainly used by British Airways and United Airlines. It was around 11:00pm so it wasn’t busy at all. We went around the corner to the Business & First Class check-in counters, which are separate from the Economy Class counters in the main area of the terminal.

After a long wait behind a large family with lots of bags and only one counter open, we walked to what I thought would be the quiet security checkpoint. To my surprise, it was closed. We had used it last time and it was so much easier as we were the only ones passing through. This time we were steered to the regular security checkpoint that was moving painfully slow (dreadful, I know!).

British Airways First Class Lounge

After security, Joann and I made our way upstairs to the British Airways First Class Lounge. It’s located through the same doorway as the Business Class Lounge; it’s just a separate area.

For me, this lounge wasn’t great at all. The alcohol options were a bit better than its Business counterpart but it was much more enclosed and tighter-feeling. The Business Class Lounge that we used last time was brighter, more airy, and had a better overall feel to it. No worries though, we only had a short time to wait until our 1:30am flight and nothing was going to spoil my mood!

british airways cathay pacific first class lounge

Self-serve bar

british airways cathay pacific first class lounge


british airways cathay pacific first class lounge

Some sandwiches & snacks

With 5 minutes left to go before scheduled boarding time, I told Joann that we should head down to the gate. Basically, I was just giddy to get on the plane and start enjoying our first international long-haul First Class!

Greetings from Hong Kong!

Right now, Joann and I are in The Pier First Class Lounge in HKG, relaxing before our flight to Bali.

Just wanted to throw out an update. If you want to follow us in realtime with mostly photo updates, please sure sure to follow me on twitter (@theinfamousdx) and instagram (infamousdx).

I’ve already posted a few pics from our Cathay Pacific flight in first class. It was the best 15 hours of flying either of us has experienced. Please check them out!

Until the next update, have a good ones, folks…