US Airways MasterCard 20% Bonus Miles

This summer, earn 20% more miles with your US Airways Dividend Miles MasterCard.


Earn 20% more miles on every purchase you make with your card between July 1 and August 31, including US Airways purchases, up to a maximum of 10,000 bonus miles. 

The mailer also said that there’s no need to register as you are automatically eligible. Bonus miles will appear 6-8 weeks after the end of the promotion. Barclaycard is usually quite good with bonuses posting in the allotted time frame.

Also, for international purchases between July 1 and August 31, the 3% foreign transaction fee will be reimbursed in your October 2014 statement. Of course, your account has to be open and in good standing for you to receive this refund.

Will this offer be enough for me to bite?

Probably not. Earning US/AA miles at 1.2 miles per dollar is better than 1:1 but still not as good asas the American Express Starwood Preferred Guest card that effectively earns a multitude of airline miles at 1.25 miles per dollar spent.

I’d like to see a promotion like the ones we’ve seen in the past from Barclaycard – something like earning 5 miles per dollar spent in certain shopping categories.

The New Hawaiian Airlines MasterCard

Happy new year to Hawaiian Airlines & Barclaycard! Thanks to lapointsguy on this Flyer Talk thread for pointing out some brand new Hawaiian Airlines credit card offers.

The New Hawaiian Airlines World Elite MasterCard

  • 35,000 miles when you spend $1,000 in the first 90 days.
  • Earn 2X miles on direct purchases from Hawaiian Airlines
  • Earn 1X miles on all other purchases
  • Discounted award travel
  • ShareMiles allows you to receive HawaiianMiles from family and friends online
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • 50% off companion coach full fare between Hawaii & North America
  • Complimentary checked bag on Hawaiian Airlines
  • $100 companion discount every card anniversary
  • 5,000 bonus miles every year you spend $10,000 or more
  • $89 annual fee

Note, there is also a Business version of this card. The main differences are as follows:

  • 35,000 bonus miles with first purchase
  • You’ll earn 20,000 bonus miles on your account anniversary with $50K-$99K in annual spend, or 40,000 bonus miles with $100K or more in annual spend.

Hawaiian Airlines MasterCard

I’ve bolded what I consider the most important benefits of the card. The signup mileage bonus, anniversary bonus when hitting $10K spend, and no foreign transaction fees are self-explanatory and great.

Also, from the picture above, it seems to be an EMV-enabled card which will be very handy for Europe and other destinations. No word on if it’s the better Chip & PIN or the Chip & Signature like the recent Chase Sapphire Preferred.

I’m more interested in the less obvious benefits.

Discounted Flight Awards

From the Terms & Conditions, they don’t make it very clear:

  • You are eligible to receive a discount on flight awards for travel on Hawaiian Airlines
  • Discounted flight awards are only accessible through the Primary Cardmember’s HawaiianMiles account online at

I’ll update this post once further clarification is made, but any discount on award travel is always welcome.

HawaiianMiles ShareMiles

This is perhaps the most intriguing part of these new HA credit cards. Here are the terms listed under ShareMiles in the T&C:

  • You must have a current email address on file within your HawaiianMiles account to receive Miles transferred with the ShareMiles program.
  • Hawaiian Airlines MasterCard Cardmembers may receive miles transferred from friends and family up to a maximum of ten (10) times per calendar year.
  • The Miles transferer must be a current HawaiianMiles account holder and may perform an unlimited amount of transfer transactions using the ShareMiles program.
  • There are no transaction fees for Miles transfers, no charges per mile, or no minimum or maximum number of Miles transferred for cardmembers.
  • Full terms and conditions for the sharing of HawaiianMiles are available at

From what I’ve made bold above, the primary Hawaiian Airlines MasterCard cardmember can effectively be a free pool for all “friends & family.” HA has not yet clarified what they will consider friends & family.

This is obviously limited to 10 transfers a year but consider this example:

Your family of four takes a yearly trip to Hawaii from New York. That’s about 10K miles earned from flying for each family member.

If you are the cardmember, the other three can transfer their 10K miles to you. You (and your family) now have 40K miles in your one account instead of 10K miles spread across four accounts.

According to the HA award chart, 40K is enough for a round trip coach award between North America and Hawaii.

Essentially, your initial family trip just earned one free flight. You now only have to buy three tickets the next time you fly to Hawaii!

I think that’s an amazing perk and it’s really drawing me to the card.

In fact, Joann and I might apply for both the personal & business versions of this card on our next round of credit card applications. That would really bump up our balances, combining to over 140,000 Hawaiian Airlines miles!

Hawaiian Airlines logo

50K is Back! Barclays Miles & More World MasterCard

 The same offer from May 2013 is now back for the Barclays Lufthansa Premier Miles & More World MasterCard credit card. I applied for and was approved for this card and earned 55K miles in the process (50K bonus + $5K in spend).

lufthansa miles and more credit card

The terms of the deal this time around are the same:

  • Earn 20,000 award miles with your first purchase or balance transfer
  • Earn an additional 30,000 award miles when you spend $5,000 in purchases within the first 90 days after account opening
  • Earn 2 award miles per $1 spent on Miles & More integrated airline partner ticket purchases
  • No foreign transactions fees on purchases made outside the U.S.
  • $79 Annual Fee waived for Senator and HON Circle Members

lufthansa miles and more credit card

There are several ways to use these miles. Daraius at Million Mile Secrets has a great write on 18 uses for Lufthansa Miles.

My favorite way to redeem is 17K miles for a one-way First Class award in the US. For most US carriers, this would normally cost 25K miles!

Really, the key to avoid the high fuel surcharges is to redeem for flights on US carriers, and fellow Star Alliance members, United Airlines & US Airways.

Here is the link to the Miles & More award chart so you can see what the redemption costs look like.

Disclosure: This is actually a credit card link that I DO get a referral bonus on. If you choose to use it, I appreciate the support!

How To Redeem Barclaycard Arrival Miles For Travel

Both Joann and I were recently approved for Barclaycard Arrival™ World MasterCard®. We applied for a number of reasons:

  1. A nice sign up bonus – 40,000 miles after spending only $1,000.
  2. 2x miles on ALL purchases.
  3. It’s a Barclay’s product, which means the hard credit inquiry is from TransUnion (at least in NJ). The other bigger banks use the more popular Experian or Equifax so it saves us a wasted credit pull.
  4. A waived first year annual fee, normally $89. Next year when the fee is charged, we’ll call up customer service to see if we can get the fee waived or some miles as a retention bonus.
  5. 10% miles back when you redeem for travel. Effectively, that makes this card a 2.2% “cashback” card when you redeem for travel.
  6. Free TripIt Pro annual membership. $49 value.

If you are interested in applying for this card, here is my affiliate link. I don’t have many, just a couple, and I do appreciate if you ever use one.

Since the 40k miles bonus was so easy to attain, I was able to make a redemption already. It’s a pretty easy process, but some people like a good walkthrough with pictures so here goes:

How To Redeem Barclaycard Arrival Miles For Travel

First, log into your account at


If you’re like me and have plenty of cards with Barclays, find your Arrival card and click Manage your rewards.

Then, click Redeem now under Pay yourself back for travel.


Here, you’ll see a list of travel purchases that have posted to your account and are eligible for reimbursement.

Notice that there is a column called Days Left. You can only redeem points for travel expenses within the past 90 days.


Click Redeem now next to the purchase for which you would like to reimburse yourself.

You’ll see several redemption options, which is nice if you don’t have enough points to cover the entire purchase.

Minimum redemption is 2,500 miles, which is a $25 purchase.


This is the second to last screen in the process, to verify your redemption selections.


You’re then brought to a final confirmation screen before clicking Place your order to complete the process.


Finally, here is the order confirmation screen showing the great perk of this card – the 10% miles-back when you redeem for travel!

And that’s how you redeem your miles for travel with your Barclaycard Arrival™ Mastercard®. Pretty simple. Hope that helped a few people!