30% Transfer Bonus From American Express Membership Rewards to Virgin America

Get 30% more Elevate® points when you transfer Membership Rewards® points to your Virgin America Elevate account. Offer ends April 30, 2014. Terms, conditions, and restrictions apply.

Instead of the normal 200 Membership Rewards points to 100 Elevate points, the limited time bonus turns that ratio into 200:130.

You can calculate how many points you need for partner redemption on this page.

Transferring MR points to Elevate points rarely makes sense due to the non 1:1 transfer ratio. Hopefully, this is just an appetizer of Membership Rewards transfer bonuses to come.

Let’s hope for better transfer bonuses in the coming months (come on, Avios!), especially with great new products out in the EveryDay & EveryDay Preferred credit cards.

American Express EveryDay Preferred Sign-Up Bonus Posted

Since the American Express EveryDay & EveryDay Preferred credit cards are so new, I thought I’d give updates through the whole process. Last week, I wrote about the card arriving and posted some photos and screenshots.

The latest news here is that the 15,000 Membership Rewards points sign-up bonus for the EveryDay Preferred has posted to my account.

amex everyday bonus

“Amex Ed Pref $1K Spd/15K MR Pt” posted on April 2nd, shortly after I reached the $1,000 spend threshold. That’s surprising to me because, if I recall correctly, I’ve never seen an Amex MR bonus post before the statement closes. Regardless, the bonus has posted, as expected, and I’ve also just completed the 30 transactions before my initial statement closes on April 8th!

amex transaction tracker congrats

In this short, initial statement period, swiping $1 transactions to myself via Square Register has come in handy.

I hope these posts help people who are interested in this new product from American Express!

My New American Express EveryDay Preferred Credit Card

When the application links for the American Express EveryDay & EveryDay Preferred went live earlier this week, I couldn’t help but apply.

I went for the Preferred version because it earns at a better rate and we do spend a fair amount in its main bonus category – groceries. Not to mention if we complete 30 transactions each billing cycle, we’ll earn 50% more Membership Rewards points!

So without further adieu, here’s the brand new EveryDay Preferred credit card!

American Express EveryDay Preferred

American Express EveryDay Preferred

It’s pretty cheesy looking; the HUGE reflective square front and center is actually a bit annoying. It basically looks like a black and white version of the “Blue” line of Amex credit cards.

Note, again, it does come with an EMV chip, which is actually smaller than Chase’s EMV chips. Currently, it’s only Chip-and-Signature.

And here’s how things will look in your account at americanexpress.com:

An Amex Full House

An Amex Full House

There’s also a handy transaction tracker which will be VERY useful to ensure I complete 30 transactions per billing cycle.

Transaction Tracker

Transaction Tracker

You can click into the transaction tracker for a more detailed look at your eligible transactions. Currently, I don’t have any.

Transaction Tracker Detail

Transaction Tracker Detail

Mobile App Transaction Tracker

Mobile App Transaction Tracker

Just thought I’d give anyone interested a sneak peak of the EveryDay Preferred card. The regular EveryDay card will like look exactly the same, both the physical card and the interface on the Amex website.

Has anyone else already gotten their EveryDay card?

New Credit Card: American Express EveryDay & EveryDay Preferred

Earlier this month, American Express announced a blockbuster of a new credit product. Two new CREDIT cards that will earn Membership Rewards points. This is a game changer because there hasn’t been a credit card that earned MR points, only charge cards that usually come with heftier annual fees.

These 2 cards were scheduled to launch April 2, 2014, but Gary has broken the news that applications are live NOW!

American Express EveryDay

  • Application link
  • Annual fee: $0
  • Sign-up bonus: 10,000 Membership Rewards points after spending $1,000 within 90 days
  • Earning: 2x Membership Rewards points per dollar spent at U.S. supermarkets, for up to $6,000 per year of spend; 1x Membership Rewards point per dollar spent on everything else
  • Spending bonus: If you use the card to make 20 or more purchases during a billing cycle you earn 20% extra points on all those purchases

American Express EveryDay Preferred

  • Application link
  • Annual fee: $95
  • Sign-up bonus: 15,000 Membership Rewards points after spending $1,000 within 90 days
  • Earning: 3x Membership Rewards points per dollar spent at U.S. supermarkets, for up to $6,000 per year of spend; 2x Membership Rewards points per dollar at U.S. standalone gas stations; 1x Membership Rewards point per dollar spent on everything else
  • Spending bonus: If you use the card to make 30 or more purchases during a billing cycle you earn 50% extra points on all those purchases

My Thoughts

Both cards become much more valuable when you complete a certain number of transactions each month. The card with the better value is the EveryDay Preferred credit card, which needs 30 transactions per month to earn 50% more points on all purchases.

Essentially, if you complete 30 transactions in a billing period, you’ll earn 4.5 points per dollar spent at supermarkets, 3 points per dollar spent at gas stations, and 1.5 points per dollar spent on everything else.

These are great earning rates for every day categories. Amex already has a credit card that will cover these categories in the Blue Cash Preferred card, but I prefer to earn MR points instead of cashback. At the very least, this is a cheap/free way to keep your MR points from expiring.

I am planning on applying for the EveryDay Preferred card in order to maximize the MR earning and re-evaluate after the first year. If I don’t find $95 worth of value in the extra points I’ve earned with the Preferred, I’ll downgrade that to the regular EveryDay card with $0 annual fee.

What are your plans for either of these cards, if any?

40% American Express Membership Rewards Transfer Bonus to Virgin America

For a limited time, American Express is having a 40% transfer bonus to Virgin America. This will be available for all transfers until January 31, 2014, which is less than 10 days away.

Points must be transferred in increments of 200 Membership Rewards points.

Since VX is a US-based airline, you must pay an Airline Excise Tax Offset Fee of $0.0006 per point transferred.

How I’m Going To Leverage This Transfer Bonus

I have to fly to Vegas for a bachelor party in April. It must be pretty busy the weekend we’re going according to the fares I’ve been seeing for the past few months.


With fares like that to Vegas, I’d rather just redeem points, of which I have plenty.

I first checked for award space on American, Delta, US Airways, and United. Nothing.

I then checked the fixed point programs like JetBlue and Virgin America, but since the amount of points for an award is directly tied to the cost of the fare, I didn’t find much help there.


When this promotion surfaced, it seemed to be the best solution to my problem. I certainly don’t want to pay cash and I definitely don’t want to use 36K Amex MR points.

By leveraging this transfer bonus, I only have to spend 25K Amex MR, which sounds a lot more reasonable to me.

Wrap Up

Traditionally, transferring precious American Express Membership Rewards points to fixed point programs like Virgin America and JetBlue are “losing” propositions in the miles & points community.

However, if you’re in a situation like me where you need certain dates, a nonstop flight, and all other airlines have no award availability, you could find this 40% transfer bonus a real life saver like I just did.