My Biggest Mile Manufacturer – TD Go

During a time where Joann & I have more miles & points than we do vacation days, I’m looking for easier ways to manufacture these points instead of ways to just amass a stockpile of them. Notice my emphasis is on easy. 

I’m not a fan of driving to Walmart to load my American Express Bluebird 2-3 times a month.

I don’t enjoy driving to multiple CVS stores to find $500 gift cards (and then driving to Walmart to load them to Bluebird).

Buying $200 gift cards from Staple with my Chase Ink is pretty easy, but then I’m stuck with several small denomination gift cards to liquidate.

Enter TD Go.

This is a prepaid product that is intended for parents to issue their “teens” debit cards with certain limits.

The main advantages are that this debit card can be funded by a credit card online and TD is very lax on what they consider a “teen.”

The main disadvantage is that this card is ONLY offered in the following states:


How to Set Up a TD Go Card

First thing’s first, sign up here as a parent. This will be the main person in charge of the account.

Complete the profile with your information. Remember, your mailing address must be in one of the eligible states. You will also be asked to supply your Social Security Number.

You’ll be asked to set up a funding account (Visa or MasterCard). In a few more steps, your profile is complete!

You can now set up your first “teen” with a debit card ($4.95 initial setup fee) and load up to $1,000 ($1 load fee).

The card will arrive in about a week with funds ready to be unloaded!

Fees & Limits

Initial purchase fee: $4.95 + $1 load fee.
Max load per day: $1,000
Max load per 7 days: $2,000
Max load per rolling 30 days: $3,000
Max per ATM withdraw: $60/week. (No fee at TD Bank.)
Max balance: $2,000
Max transactions: $2,000 / 7 days
Max load per funding credit card (across multiple teens): $6,000 per 30 days
Max funding sources: 4 credit cards

This can be a little confusing to keep track of, but with a little organization, you can set yourself up with an efficient system.

How to Unload Funds Off the TD Go Cards

Once you have your TD Go card loaded, you have to get the funds off the card. The same rules apply to offloading funds from any debit or gift card:

  • Load Bluebird at Walmart (up to $2,500 a day)
  • Purchase money orders, where available
  • Pay your bills with Evolve Money
  • Make a payment to your Citi credit card

The fourth option is my favorite option and the absolute easiest way to manufacture spend. Total time invested is less than 5 minutes. Here are the steps to complete the manufactured spend circle:

  1. Load $1,000 on TD Go card with a Citi credit card.
  2. Call the number on the back of the Citi credit card and make a $1,000 payment on that account.
  3. Earn miles for free*!

*There is always the very small load fee of $1

Wrap Up

With the current limits in place, the TD Go card is a great way to earn at least 3,000 miles every 30 days. Scale that to multiple teens (I have 4) and you can earn 12K points in one month.

Not too shabby for very little time invested and some tracking of load/transaction dates.

As always, an extra bonus for couples is that what you can earn, your significant other can earn too!

That makes for double the fun and double the points. Earning over 20K points per month is just fine for our needs.


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  1. TJ

    Love your blog, thanks for all the tips

    what about Maryland? you don’t list it above but at the sign up page it lists the states that it is not offered and MD is not part of it either

    does not support card sales in the following state(s): AL, AK, AS, AZ, AR, CA, CO, FM, GA, GU, HI, ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, MI, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NV, NM, ND, MP, OH, OK, OR, PW, PR, SD, TN, TX, UT, VI, WA, WV, WI, WY.

    1. TJ

      found the answer – they allow MD also.

      do you know if there are any other credit cards you can pay with this? or just citi?

      1. The #hustle Blog

        Thanks for pointing out that typo. I must have missed it reading over the list of eligible states. As far as I know, only Citi accepts debit card payments for credit card accounts.

        Thanks for reading, TJ!

        1. TJ

          do you by any chance have a spreadsheet setup with your loads/unloads/etc that you would like to share?

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  3. Justin

    Lol this has been going on for a while. Figured it was only a matter of time before more blogs picked up on it.

    I love TD GO!

    One thing you left out, if you load with Citi it eats up your Cash Advance for like 3 weeks. If you have a low limit you can’t do many loads per month.

    So it’s not perfect. If you have a Citi with a huge limit then it’s probably great though!

    1. The #hustle Blog

      Yup, this has been going on for a while. No real breaking news here, but a good intro if someone would like to get into it.

      Agree on the Citi cash advance limits. They stay for a while. Good thing about Citi is we have a bunch of cards open since their retention offers are the best of the bunch.

      1. Justin

        Haha definitely.

        1000 points for $1 is pretty amazing, so it’s definitely worth it.

        People just need to be careful about creating the teens. A lot on FT have tried creating fake SS #’s etc… Not a good idea ultimately. I have two TD, I have myself on both cards + the parent. I just use my middle initial and an ‘ in my name and changed it up between the two.

    1. The #hustle Blog

      I don’t see why there would be a problem as long as you keep track of that billing address when using the card. You would also need to CHANGE the billing address (to your friend’s) on whatever credit cards you would like to fund your TD card with.

      That question may also pop up in future credit/identity checks when the system asks if you’ve ever lived at the following addresses.

  4. Justin

    FYI to anyone- a cool advantage of having a TD Buxx card… You can use their coin machine for free, and not have to pay the 8% fee.

    Also- if you’re in Canada, you can withdraw money from a TD ATM for no fee. (Agreement between TD US and TD Canada)

      1. Justin

        You can also register it to your Bluebird and do the $200 Debit Card Load. I do that sometimes when I’m lazy!

        1. The #hustle Blog

          I did that for a while, but then Bluebird called me out on it and deemed the TD Go card as a “reloadable card.” Therefore, they removed it from my profile and told me not to use it anymore. The same did not happen for my wife’s account.

          1. Justin

            Oh really? Interesting. Good to know. I don’t do it too often already, but I will try and do that sparingly then.

          2. Tatyana

            Do you think it makes a difference for Bluebird, when names on TG Go and Bluebird are the same to do online $200 Debit Card Load?

    1. The #hustle Blog

      I’ve used the Citi Executive & Citi AAdvantage cards with success. Whatever you have a high credit limit with (because your cash advance limit is a % of that) should be fine to use.

      I think I’ll get a ThankYou points earning card to add to the quiver now that they transfer to Singapore.

      1. AS

        Any opinion on the business vs regular Thank You card? Looks like the business card has no annual fee.

  5. Rob

    I ordered one under my name. If I want another one for my teen, do I order it under my name as well?

  6. zuca

    Will the charges to fund the TD Go account show as a cash advance? if so, I don’t think it qualifies to meet speding requirements. How does it work?

  7. Allison

    I looked in the terms and conditions and couldn’t find anything about the definition of “teen” or “parent” Would I be permitted to make a TD Go account for my sister who is in college, or would that would be frowned upon and potentially get me into trouble? Thanks.

  8. Justin

    Is it okay to unload the cards completely as soon as you get them via BP or BB? Will this cause suspicion?

  9. sheesh

    What if you have family that lives in NC but you live in CA? Can you get the card via family’s mailing address and use it in CA? Or would the methods of liquidation (money order, etc) not even be possible?

  10. Chris

    Have you looked into other bank’s prepaid cards? For example, the Atria pre-paid? It can be loaded with a credit card.

  11. mimi

    Can I use the friend of a parent or it has to be a parent to apply for this. My goddaughter who is a teen is attending college in GA-can I use her. Thanks

  12. Kevin S

    Anyone have this answer yet? “Is there any problem using the address of a friend who lives in one of the valid states?”

  13. Dave L

    I see the limit is 4 credit cards. What if you want to load via debit cards? Specifically a different debit card each time. Are there issues with that?

      1. Dave L

        It wouldn’t let me make the initial load on a debit card, but the terms do seem to imply that debit loads are allowed.
        I think it should be fairly obvious why I’d want to be making loads with debit cards instead of credit cards. It’s a far more lucrative method for me. Does anybody know if that works, and if it will lead to shutdown? I’d just reserve it for helping with minimum spends on CC if that was the case.
        Thanks for the reply though.

  14. ASM

    Mike, you state that couples can earn double. Can you explain exactly how that works? I am assuming that means your spouse can set up the same 4 teens with her own account and then get then cards? Also, if I set up 8 teens with my Citi card, could I load 24,000 per month for those 8 and then pay my Citi card with those debit cards once they post?

    1. The #hustle Blog

      You are correct with your assumption. You could load 24K per month and pay that off accordingly. However, you would need to have 4 credit cards as funding sources with large credit limits / cash advances to absorb all that spend.

      1. ASM

        I am not following why you would need 4 credit cards. Can you explain where that limitation is? I see that there is a 7 teen limit on the TD account, but why can’t I use the Citi card, load $7,000 for all 7 teens, pay that off, then do it again – 3 times a month, per teen, netting 21,000 points per month – all of ONE card? I am not following why I would need 4 cards?

        1. The #hustle Blog

          Citi will likely keep each load as pending transactions for 3-4 weeks even after posting, thereby eating up your cash advance line and credit limit. That would be the likely bottleneck.

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  16. Ling Lin

    I heard that there is a $60 per week limit to buy money order in postal office. Does this limit also apply on buying money order in grocery store or bank? I already used Serve to pay for mortgage and Evolve to pay for bills. Not to many other bills to pay. I don’t want to go overboard with MS and don’t like to go back and forth to store for liquidation of the MS.

    1. The #hustle Blog

      Correct, USPS MOs will be treated like the ATM withdrawal and have a limit of $60 per week. I have not yet tried any other MOs, but many on Flyer Talk have data points.

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  18. Justin

    From FT-

    Beginning September 3, 2014, we’re making changes to the TD GO Card program.

    •We’re decreasing the reload limit. We’re reducing the per-day reload
    amount from $1,000 to $500. Rest assured, your maximum card balance at
    any time will remain at $2,000.

    •We’re changing how you can fund your TD Go Card. Account owners and
    friends and family members will only be able to load TD Go Card(s) using
    a TD Bank Debit or Credit Card, or by direct deposit.

    AKA – This deal dies 9/3/14.

  19. Shannon

    just signed up for TD Go but at the end of procedure says it won’t be able to use credit cards to fund TD GO since Sep 3rd and daily load limit will be down to $500.

  20. Freddie

    Wow, what weird ironic timing. JUST when hustle blog posted this deal… it SUDDENLY dies within days! It’s such rotten luck! I’ll never understand the mysterious ways of the universe!

  21. shonuffharlem

    This is dead deal now right due to TD Bank only allow loads from TD Bank debit card now?

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