Pay Bills & Earn Miles/Points with Evolve Money

In the realm of Manufacture Spend (MS), Evolve Money is a small-time but reliable service. It is basically a Bill Pay service that allows you to pay certain bills with debit or Visa/MasterCard gift cards. To be clear, you cannot pay off credit card bills with Evolve.

Obviously, you can see the value proposition here. You can buy gift cards with points-earning credit cards and use those gift cards to pay bills you normally can’t pay via credit card. This is one of the reasons I love my Chase Ink Plus card.

Getting 5x points per dollar spent to pay my mortgage is something I’ll take every time!

Things To Know

  • Sign upΒ is free
  • $1,000 daily limit or Bill Pay (the day is based on midnight PST)
    • If paying the same payee, wait at least 10 minutes before sending a follow-up payment or it may fail, leaving you with funds in limbo for at least a week.
  • Several types of payees are available
    • Mortgage – Wells Fargo, Bank of America, PNC
    • Student loans – Sallie Mae, ACS, Mohela
    • Auto loans – Chase, Honda, TD, Acura, Mercedes Benz, Volvo
    • Gas/electric/water utilities – PSE&G, ConEd
    • Retail store credit cards – Macy’s, Gap, Kohl’s
  • Standard payments ($0 fee) are delivered in 2 business days
  • Express payments ($1.50 fee) are delivered on the same day
  • An app is available for Android & iOS



Not every service provider is in Evolve. You’ll have to create an account and try to search for a provider. There’s no comprehensive list. If you can’t find your provider, there is a form you can fill out to let them know and they will hopefully add it.

Mortgages can be tricky with the $1,000 daily limit.

With my bank, Wells Fargo, any separate payments that don’t equal my monthly mortgage payment will be held as “Unapplied Funds.”

Two things can happen to Unapplied Funds (UF). If it’s before your monthly payment is due, UF goes directly to principal. If it’s after your monthly payment is due and you haven’t made the payment, UF will be held until it equals the amount of your monthly payment and then applied towards it.

What worked for me is as follows:

  • Mortgage due Sunday, June 1
  • Sent several payments on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday from Joann’s & my Evolve account totaling our monthly payment, adhering to the $1k daily limit
    • Remember, make sure payments arrive AFTER your usual due date
    • Note: Wells Fargo has a 15 day grace period before they will hit you with a late fee
  • Payments arrived on both Monday June 2 and Tuesday June 3
  • Once the last of the payments posted on June 3 totaling our monthly payment, they were all applied to the monthly payment and everything posted as normal.
Multiple Evolve Payments

Multiple Evolve Payments

Wrap Up

Evolve Money is a great addition to any MSer’s portfolio. With the death of Vanilla Reloads, I find it harder to reload my Bluebird account and pay bills that way. This way is much less effort, albeit less scalable at only $1k a day and limited payees.

I find it very handy to pay bills that can’t be paid for free with a credit card – my student loan, my gas/electric bill, and my mortgage. As long as you have a good source of gift cards (hopefully at 5x), this can be a long lasting points generator.

10 Comments Pay Bills & Earn Miles/Points with Evolve Money

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  2. Matt

    I have tried for days to sign up of Evolve. Every time I click on the link to open an account it fails.

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  4. optostar

    Hi Mike! Is this method still working for you? I read that Evolve only allows one payment per payee per month, and sending a payment from another Evolve account to that same payee gets blocked. What is your workaround for this? My mortgage is $1400 so I need to make 2 payments. πŸ™

    1. The #hustle Blog

      Unfortunately, Evolve has gotten really strict with multiple payments to the same payee. From what I’ve read on FlyerTalk, there isn’t a way around it. You can still at least pay $1,000 through Evolve & pay the rest through other methods, if your bank allows that. I know Wells Fargo does.

      1. optostar

        Thanks for the response! πŸ™‚ I’m at Wells Fargo too. I’m thinking of using Evolve + Amex Serve, or try to obtain an REDbird. What is your current method now?

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