Using Other Credit Cards with ShopDiscover Portal

After reading that Visa gift cards were being sold on, I decided to break out my Chase Ink Plus and earn a few easy bonus points.

This post isn’t about buying gift cards from office supply stores with your Chase Ink cards for the 5x points; that should already be part of your points-earning strategy. This post is about the ability to leverage the ShopDiscover shopping portal without paying with your Discover card.

ShopDiscover currently boasts the best cashback/points offer on purchases made on – 5% cashback. Even the popular Chase Ultimate Rewards only offers 2 points per dollar spent.

It’s an unwritten rule that (most of the time) you’ll get credit for the portal purchase even if it’s paid with a different credit card. I decided I wanted to find out for myself so I clicked through to Staples from the ShopDiscover portal, put $500 worth of Visa gift cards in my cart, and checked out with my Chase Ink Plus (instead of my Discover IT card).

I just received an email confirming the cashback earned from that purchase.

ShopDiscover discover

What’s even better is that I earned cashback on the total purchase price, including gift card fees.

The final tally from that order of gift cards was:

  • Total price: $534.75 ($500 worth of gift cards + $34.75 in fees)
  • 5x Ultimate Rewards points: 2,674
  • 5% Discover cashback: $26.74
  • Total “cost”: $8.01 for 2,674 UR points + $500 in Visa gift cards – a cool $0.003 per point!

So there you have it, another viable option when it comes to shopping and earning points online. I’ll add it to my regular rotation which includes Chase Ultimate Rewards, Barclay’s Rewards Boost, and a plethora of cashback portals (Big Crumbs, Ebates, & Mr. Rebates).

I know this isn’t breaking news, but I’m glad I could confirm it myself for my readers.

6 Comments Using Other Credit Cards with ShopDiscover Portal

  1. Adnan mahmood

    When does your statement close? There are reports Discover reverse the CB 🙁 , and u don’t get email for that, it just does not show up on CB. I bought stuff with GC (non visa), got $8 CB email, when statement closed there was no credit

        1. The #hustle Blog

          My statement just closed (statement not posted yet) and I did indeed receive the cashback! I’ll update this post with a screenshot when the statement posts.

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