United Award Accelerator Rates Improved

United Airlines Award Accelerator is a product that United offers on its itineraries, domestic or international, in order to allow you to purchase United miles. You can purchase both redeemable miles (miles for which you redeem an award) and Premier Qualifying Miles (miles for which you qualify for elite status).

These rates are dynamic. They depend on what type of itinerary you have and the time of year, among other things. I have a mix of domestic and international flights booked so I was able to check out some rates. The rates for PQMs are still terribly high, ranging from 11-14 cents per mile, so I disregard them.

The rates for redeemable miles on my domestic itineraries aren’t great at 3.3 cents per mile (CPM). However, on my international itineraries, the rates for redeemable miles have gotten to a low point that I haven’t seen in a while – as low as 2.1 cents per redeemable mile.


$378  for 18,000 redeemable miles works out to be exactly 2.1 cents per mile.

How to View Your Award Accelerator Offer

View your existing reservations while signed into your United account.

You will then see your award right below your flight details and it will look like this:


Click “Get Extra Miles” and you will see your offer.

Is it a good deal?

That’s always the question. For the most part, I don’t advocate buying miles at a rate of 2.1 CPM.

There are much easier ways of earning miles at much lower rates – credit card sign-up bonuses, Bluebird, buying & liquidating gift cards.

Even though the 2.1 CPM rate is the lowest the Award Accelerator has been in a while, the only reason I might utilize it is if I was just short of an award that I had to book right away and needed the miles ASAP.

Otherwise, look to more cost-effective ways to earn miles.