American Express EveryDay Preferred Sign-Up Bonus Posted

Since the American Express EveryDay & EveryDay Preferred credit cards are so new, I thought I’d give updates through the whole process. Last week, I wrote about the card arriving and posted some photos and screenshots.

The latest news here is that the 15,000 Membership Rewards points sign-up bonus for the EveryDay Preferred has posted to my account.

amex everyday bonus

“Amex Ed Pref $1K Spd/15K MR Pt” posted on April 2nd, shortly after I reached the $1,000 spend threshold. That’s surprising to me because, if I recall correctly, I’ve never seen an Amex MR bonus post before the statement closes. Regardless, the bonus has posted, as expected, and I’ve also just completed the 30 transactions before my initial statement closes on April 8th!

amex transaction tracker congrats

In this short, initial statement period, swiping $1 transactions to myself via Square Register has come in handy.

I hope these posts help people who are interested in this new product from American Express!

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