Facebook American Airlines AAdvantage Passport Challenge – 700+ Easy Miles

I love when airlines and hotels dive into the social space. American Airlines is doing just with their latest Facebook game – AAdvantage Passport Challenge. American is marketing this as a way to earn over 10,000 miles, but we’ll be realistic about it.

  • Play trivia and other games to earn up to 700 miles
  • Share and complete social actions to earn up to 350 miles
  • Fly our expanded network to earn over 9,000 miles

You must have a valid American Airlines AAdvantage loyalty account to participate. The challenge runs from today until May 23, 2014. Here are the full terms & conditions.

I spent 15-20 minutes running through all the easy ones (trivia & sharing) and ended up with 1,200 miles.

Not bad for a few minutes of clicking around

Not bad for a few minutes of clicking around

Here’s a tip so you don’t spam your friends on Facebook. When the share to Facebook popup appears in some of the Learn & Earn tasks, click the bottom left dropdown to adjust with whom you’d like to share. Click “Custom” and select Only Me. Now you won’t be spamming everyone your news feed and you still get the extra sharing points!

There are also up to 9,500 bonus miles for actually flying on American, US Airways, or oneworld partners.

All in all, this is a nice game and a good method of marketing for American Airlines!