Reminder: Last Day to Book Hyatt Awards at Old Rates

As we approach January 7, 2014, keep in mind that tomorrow, January 6, will be your last day to book Hyatt free nights/upgrades/suite nights at the current rates.

I wrote about these Hyatt award chart changes when they were first announced. Some of them major; some minor.

Regardless, it would behoove you to figure out if your travels this year include a Hyatt stay. If they do, you might want to speculatively book some award nights now and lock in the current rates.

For the most part, they are fully cancellable until a few days before the stay. Only in certain circumstances can you not cancel Hyatt award nights. Always check the cancellation policy before completing the booking!

The Hyatt schedule goes as far as 1 year out so you’ll be able to book for New Year’s 2015 if you so desire.

With regard to modifying your award nights, you’ll have until February 15, 2014 to modify reservations at the old rates.

A good tactic I’ll be using as we book a few award nights is booking each night as a separate reservation.

By booking each night separately, you can cancel each night independent of the others. Yes, it’s a bit of a hassle during the booking process, but it gives you great flexibility in case plans change.

Again, check out my earlier post on the great Hyatt devaluation and decide whether you should burn your Hyatt points.