Tons of Fun at Newark Airport Family Day 2013

Last week, I posted about how excited I was for Newark Airport Family Day.

Joann and I once again attended this year, bringing our nephew, Ben. It was a fun filled day of aviation-based activities!

It was a very similar setup to last year – free parking, shuttle buses to the Continental United Cargo area, light security screening, and free entry.

Upon entry, Ben was going crazy pointing out all the cool stuff he saw – 2 planes (FedEx 767, United Airlines 777), various Port Authority rescue/maintenance vehicles, a petting zoo, music, etc.

Admittedly, I was pretty stoked as well. Seeing the beautiful wingspan of United’s Boeing 777-200, my eyes lit up. It was definitely a major step up from the 767 they had on display last year.

United 777-200 Newark Airport family day

United 777-200

Similar to last year, there was free food throughout the area – hot dogs, soft pretzels (eat your heart out, Lufthansa First Class Terminal!), chips, popcorn, and lots of other snacks.

Getting there early was a great idea because the lines were shorter and the planes less crowded. It was my first time inside a United 777 so I got a few nice shots of the empty cabins.

United 777-200 Economy Class

United 777-200 Economy Class

United 777-200 Economy Class

United 777-200 Economy Class

united 777 businessfirst newark airport family day

Ben & Joann getting comfy in United’s BusinessFirst seats

One minor downer was that the smaller private/custom planes weren’t on display this time. Those were definitely cool to see last year.

The other main event that happens during Family Day is the Plane Pull that raises money for Special Olympics New Jersey. There is always a huge turnout for it and it’s a great event.

There were a good amount of plane spotters as well. We had some great views of the closer 11/29 runway being used for smaller jets’ arrivals and departures; they were using it all day. Weather started off a little cloudy but the skies opened up to a sunny, albeit humid, day around noon.

newark airport family day

Overall, Newark Airport Family Day is a great event for families and aviation geeks alike. I know Ben had plenty of fun; I surely had lots of fun today. Definitely a well-run event that should get more coverage than it does. Can’t wait for next year!

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