Hawaiian Mileage Run: Conclusion


As we drove home, we couldn’t help but wish the rest of our #questforEXP would be just as fun and easy. If all it took were mileage runs to Hawaii, we could do this every week!

So far, only L.A. and San Jose are booked mileage runs. I just hope Hawaiian Airlines makes fares interesting once again this winter and American will come to play.

Overall, the first 1/3 of our push to 30,000 miles went perfectly.

The flights were smooth. The food was delicious. And you can’t ask for better scenery or a better partner in hustle! 😀

As usual, just about all the photo credits go to Joann on this trip. Maybe I’ll get some shots on the next one – plane spotting at LAX In ‘N Out?

I hope you enjoyed the live trip report. I definitely enjoyed doing it for a trip this length and some readers already mentioned they liked it as well.

Stay tuned for the trip by checking out my Trip Reports page. It’s going to be a busy last quarter of the year for flying!

Aloha HNL

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