Hawaiian Mileage Run: Sakura Lounge HNL


We just cleared security with TSA PreCheck and it was beautiful. Anything to save time in the Honolulu Airport’s open air terminal on this humid day is a life saver before a long flight.

For more on PreCheck, head here. Bottom line: get it!

We walked towards the Kona Brewing company and took the elevator upstairs to JAL’s Sakura Lounge. American, along with several other oneworld members, uses this lounge. I believe they used to have their own lounge, but decided to move in with JAL in 2011.

The lounge is adequate. A few snacks. Two different kinds of soup. Plenty of seating. PLENTY of power outlets. The air conditioning is ice cold, which is top priority for me.

What they don’t have, which the old Admiral’s Club did have, is a shower. I don’t know how you can have a lounge in a ‘tropical’ climate like Hawaii and not offer a shower in your lounge, especially with all the late day departures. This is just me complaining because of a long day out in the sun, needing another shower!

It looks like our upgrades won’t clear which, without any AA status, has us seated in the very last row of coach for this longhaul. Oh well, at least we’re on the outside of the 2-3-2 seating in the back of this bird.

Time to fill up on more ice cold water and then head to the gate, hoping for a miracle!

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