New Bonus Category for the American Express Business Gold Rewards Card

amex biz gold rewardsWhat’s the Deal?

I just got a letter in the mail detailing “more ways to earn Membership Rewards points with my Business Gold Rewards Card.”

Starting September 16, 2013, you can earn 2x points on US purchases made directly from select computer hardware, software, and cloud computing providers.

No action is required on our part. It is just a new feature of the card.

Here is the list of those providers from the website:

  • Apple
  • CDW
  • Dell
  • HP
  • IBM
  • Intuit
  • Lenovo
  • Microsoft
  • Newegg
  • Oracle
  • Rack Space
  • Sage Software
  • Symantec
  • Tiger Direct

As you can see, big news for Apple lovers! Since everything that Apple sells is expensive, getting bonus points on it is pretty great. Previously, it has been rather difficult to get bonus points on Apple purchases because they do not belong to many shopping portals.

Apple logo

The same goes for any of the other retailers on the list, as long as you buy directly from them.

It just might be time to build my new computer with parts from Newegg and Tiger Direct!

Double Dip

Some of these retailers are part of bonus points shopping portals, which makes this deal an easy double dip.

Just go through your favorite portal to the web site and make the purchase with your Business Gold Rewards Card. You’ll earn bonus points/miles from the portal and then 2x MR points as this new perk from AmEx.

Wrap Up

It’s nice to see an enhancement in an industry where changes are usually for the negative.

We already have several bonus categories in which to earn AmEx MR points:

  • 3x points on airfare purchased directly from airlines
  • 2x points on advertising in select media
  • 2x points at gas stations
  • 2x points for shipping

These bonuses are capped on the first $100,000 in annual spend in the bonus categories. Anything above that will be at a measly 1 point per dollar.

Adding this new category to the arsenal is a great thing!

Did any other Business Gold Rewards Card holders get this same letter?