Chase Freedom 3rd Quarter 2013 Bonus Categories Are Live!

3rd Quarter Bonus Categories

Happy July, everyone! We are now in the back half of 2013. I hope all your travels and miles/points earning strategies are going well.

It’s a new quarter, and that means new Chase Freedom bonus categories.

  • Gas stations
  • Theme parks
  • Kohl’sĀ®

The 3rd quarter runs from July 1 – September 30, 2013.

chase freedom 3rd quarter 2013

These categories are decent. For normal everyday spend, I don’t think one can really spend the $1,500 in the quarter.

What I’ll be doing is searching for electronics or small appliances at Kohl’s to buy and resell either on eBay or Amazon.

The point is to at least break even and come home with the 22,500 Ultimate Rewards points.

Definitely be sure to initiate your shopping from the Ultimate Rewards Shopping Mall because you will earn 10x UR points for shopping at Kohl’s! Couple that with the 5x quarter bonus and you are looking at 15 UR points per dollar spent at Kohl’s online!

If you want more on that strategy, just leave a comment below and I’ll try to explain!

If you haven’t activated your cards for the 3rd quarter (and you have to do this every quarter), head to the Freedom website and activate now.

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