Mistake to Madrid: Alitalia Economy Class Rome – New York


Rome (FCO) – New York (JFK)
28 JAN 2013
Boeing 777-200
Economy Class
Seats 40A, 40B

Both Joann and I can easily say that this was the worst flight of our lives… and it had nothing to do with the airline.

Because I wasn’t able to check in online, I had to get our seats assigned at the counter in Madrid and by that time, there weren’t many seats left. We were assigned the second or third to last row.

Normally, that’s not a problem. This time, we had a mother and her two kids behind us. The kids were seated behind Joann and me. Our seatmate was lucky and sat in front of the mother. Oh and we had a couple whose terror of a toddler was in front of us.

First, one of the kids was in a car seat that stopped one seat from reclining AT ALL.

Second, the older kid, a toddler, seemed to enjoy kicking our other seat for the entire duration of the flight when he wasn’t sleeping.

Third, the toddler in front of us was just a terror – standing up on the seats, throwing things (at us!), etc.

We have a niece and nephew that we babysit often so we understand the pains of traveling/caring for children, but this was one of those cases where the parents made zero attempt at controlling their children.

That is a #1 pet peeve of mine when people travel with kids. If you make an effort, it will be noticed and people will have sympathy for you. If you just put on your headphones, go to sleep, and let your kids run rampant, that will also be noticed and you’re just an a-hole in my book, to be honest.

That’s enough of my rant. Suffice to say it was a terrible flight and we could not wait to deplane as soon as we landed.

The bright spot was that Global Entry is still awesome! We landed at 1:45 PM and the immigration hall was pretty packed.

It’s always a great feeling to bypass everyone and head straight for those glorious GE machines!

global entry kiosks

We would have made a clean getaway had our checked bags not taken over 30 minutes to come out! Oh well, wish we could have packed lighter!

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