Chase Sapphire No Longer Requires Travel Notification

I just received an email from Chase stating that I no longer have to provide them with my travel information for my Chase Sapphire card.

This is actually great news because that form was a pain and I had mixed results while traveling. Sometimes, even though I filled out the form, my card would get declined. Obviously, I always carry back up (non-Chase) cards while traveling. Nevertheless, it was an unnecessary hassle.

Remember this thing?

Remember this thing?

Travel notifications no longer required
Your Account Ending in 1058

Dear Michael Las:

As part of our continuous efforts to improve your experience with your Chase Sapphire card, we’ve made an update to your account.

In the past, you may have notified us of your travel plans to ensure uninterrupted service while traveling. Because we value your business and your use of this card, you no longer need to provide us with your travel information.

Our fraud detection systems will continue to protect and monitor your account, and we may still decline charges that appear fraudulent.
Your account satisfaction and security is our priority. Should you need us while traveling, call the number on the back of your card anytime. Thank you for choosing Chase.


Chase Card Services

This is taking after American Express who also does not require any travel notification. They must have confidence in their fraud detection systems.

One thing to note is that this is specifically for my Chase Sapphire card. It makes no reference to the other 3 Chase cards I have.