Mistake to Madrid: Rome Airport Lounges


After landing, Joann and I followed signs to passport control. This was our port of entry for the EU so we I got stamped. Joann actually didn’t get a stamp. Anyone know why?

The first thing we did was get some food. The food on flight wasn’t at all enough, especially since it was a redeye.

Pizza... real original!

Pizza… real original!

With my hunger quelled, the next order of business was finding somewhere to relax. Thanks again to our American Express Platinum cards, we both have complimentary memberships to Priority Pass. It really comes in handy for the trips in Economy Class where lounge access doesn’t come along with the ticket.

Before we left, I used the website to find out that FCO has three lounges available to Priority Pass members.

Avia Lounge

Our first stop was the Avia Lounge. This is the one we spent the least amount of time in because of how disappointing it was. It looked like the newest with the way it was furnished, but it was just way too small. It was a nice thought but even with only two other people in the lounge, we felt a little crowded.

There are beverages, coffee, and a small selection of alcohol. The only food was some prepackaged snacks. It was very domestic airline club-esque in that sense.

Avia Lounge

€25 for entry, no way!


Pretty much all of the Avia Lounge

Pretty much all of the Avia Lounge

My advice: skip it!

Le Anfore Lounge

This lounge, while not one we visited for long either, was worlds better than the Avia Lounge. It was much bigger so even though it was very crowded, we felt a little more relaxed.

There is so much seating, but not too much privacy. The spread of food is definitely better and they have a massage chair and showers; very handy for a longer layover.

I think this lounge would have sufficed, but we decided to check out the third and final lounge to which we had access.

Mosaic Lounge

The Mosaic Lounge is shared by many airlines, but probably for good reason. We enjoyed it the most. It was larger than the Le Anfore Lounge and was spaced out much better. Again, there was ample seating, but it didn’t feel crowded thanks to the larger footprint.

This lounge also had showers and a food and beverage spread similar to the last one. All I wanted was an espresso, some free WiFi (there was), and then a long nap. Lucky for us, at the far end of the lounge, there is a walled off area with some lounge chairs that are meant for sleeping.

After setting an alarm for an hour before our flight, both Joann and I knocked out cold since we didn’t get sleep on the redeye and it was effectively 7 AM for our bodies.

Mosaic Lounge

Mosaic Lounge


If you have a layover in Rome, consider the Mosaic or Le Anfore Lounges. Don’t even bother with the Avia Lounge; it’s too small.

If we had a layover longer than 4 hours, I think we might have tried to venture into the city to see a few things and grab a bite. As this was a short layover, the lounges did their job and Amex Platinum and its complimentary Priority Pass membership save the day again!

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  2. Robert

    Let me guess, she was not stamped because she has EU passport :))) In fact, I do not get stamped either, unless …. I ask them to do so. Prior to my last flight in December from MUC to NRT an young officer got confused seeing it but after my explanation he smiled and responded ‘Ok let me put you one more’ 🙂

    1. The #hustle Blog

      Exactly right, Robert! We totally didn’t realize we wouldn’t get stamped, but by the time we did, we were long past passport control. Something to know for next time!

      1. Robert

        Well Mike, as a collector I do no really like this ‘non-stamping’ while getting to such and such country. I once received a stamp (without the date however!) in YYZ even though we were just transferring for a flight to PTY-UIO. At LHR and BOG on the other hand they were not willing to do so at all 🙂

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