Mistake to Madrid: Alitalia Economy Class New York – Rome


JFK (New York) – FCO (Rome)
24 JAN 2013
Airbus A330-200
Economy Class

Seats 20J, 20L


Once we let all the crazy gate lice board, Joann and I decided it was finally our turn. The gate agent scanned our boarding passes, checked our passports, and kindly reminded us that we should sign our passports! They still smelled new since we got them only a few days before, thanks to my oversight.

We boarded and walked through Magnifica (Business) Class. It was their new offering and it looked great, with staggered seating throughout. I would have much rather been traveling there, but for the price we paid, we can’t complain!

Since Alitalia boarded the back half of the plane first, it was fairly empty, but by the time we looked to see if there were any empty rows, everyone had clearly already completed their seat rearranging.

The one downfall to waiting until the end of boarding is obviously the overhead bin space. Walking down the aisle, we saw bins packed with sideways rollaboards (pet peeve!) and winter coats. Virtually no one had a small bag  or a coat underneath the seat in front of them and the FAs were definitely no help. I ended up stowing my 20″ tall convertible back pack underneath the seat in front of me. It basically killed any leg room I had. However, Joann is short and I poached some of her leg room!

The Seat

The seats on the A330-200 are in a 2-4-2 configuration. This is a nice setup for couples. The seat was comfortable enough and surprisingly offered a good amount of leg/knee room.

View of Austrian Airlines from the gate

View of Austrian Airlines from the gate

The seat back in front has a small TV which wasn’t bad when you’re sitting so close. What WAS terrible was the movie selection. I think their only movie from 2012 was Prometheus. I ended up watching The Godfather; it felt right since we were flying to Italy.

I also noticed that the tray table seemed on the small side. The dinner tray didn’t even fully fit on it and my mobile blogging setup, my Nexus 7 and a Bluetooth keyboard, didn’t fit well on it either.

The Food

Dinner service began shortly after we leveled off and it began with drinks. The FAs were a man and a woman who were very short with passengers. I had heard about the demeanor of Alitalia FAs in general so I was expecting it.

Beer and wine were free but the red wine was just horrible. I couldn’t even finish the small glass that I ordered.

The food was surprisingly pretty good. I had a beef and potato stew-type dish and Joann had the pasta. It wasn’t as bad as I remember airplane food in Coach.





The Service

Like I said before, the FAs were not very helpful when we boarded and were looking for overhead bin space and they were a little short with passengers during dinner service. It kind of reminded me of grumpy FAs on some of our domestic airlines.

Despite all this, the service was quick and efficient. Everything was taken away so we had plenty of time to sleep since this was a redeye into Fiumicino Airport.


The flight started off poorly with me having to stash my big backpack under the seat in front of me, but the rest of it went well. The food was satisfactory, service attentive enough, and we were comfortable enough in the seats to get a few hours of sleep before our long layover in Rome.

From this flight alone, we would definitely fly Alitalia again, if the price is right of course!

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    1. the hustle blog

      I didn’t mean to imply the flight was great, but it was satisfactory. It met all my basic needs for a coach flight, save the overhead bin space. If I had status with another airline that got me into seats with more leg room, I would probably go that route. As it is, I don’t so this flight experience was just fine and I would do it again.

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