Mistake to Madrid: JFK Airport – KAL Lounge


Joann and I started our trip to Madrid by getting dropped off by my parents at JFK Airport. It was our first time flying out of Terminal 1, housing a United Nations of airlines – Aeroflot, Air China, Brussels, Lufthansa, Fly Jamaica, and, of course, our airline for this trip, Alitalia.

We approached a quiet Alitalia check-in counter and the NYC-based agent was happy to check us and our bags in. I also had him verify that our Delta frequent flyer numbers were on the reservation so we could earn Delta miles, as they are in the same SkyTeam Alliance. It wasn’t a problem and he happily verified it. We were on our way to security.

After some slow moving security, we were in the relatively small airside of T1. We went straight to the KAL Lounge because there are no other real choices airside besides the gate.

Note, if you want food, head to the second level landside/before security. It has a pretty extensive food court which, I have to admit, might be better than waiting in the average Korean Air Business Class Lounge.

The KAL Lounge

The KAL Lounge doesn’t scream exclusivity like some of the lounges we’ve been in before, but it would do since we were just waiting less than an hour until our boarding time. We checked in with the agent and she gave us a piece of paper with the WiFi password on it.

KAL Lounge shared by several airlines

KAL Lounge shared by several airlines

KAL Lounge Front Desk

KAL Lounge Front Desk

The lounge itself wasn’t that great. They had some sodas, juices, and alcoholic beverages – nothing high end. For food, they had some cheese, crackers, Fig Newtons, Oreos, and other snacks.

The KAL Lounge also has showers in case you want to freshen up before your international flight.

After indulging in a few beers and plenty of Tillamook cheddar packets, Joann and I left the KAL Lounge for our gate. It fulfilled its duty as far as waiting for a flight goes. I’m glad we didn’t get to the airport early just to check it out.

When we got to the gate, to no one’s surprise, it was a mad house with gate lice completely engulfing the counter.

Since we were already too late, we decided to just hang back and board after everyone else. No need to get stressed out before our 9 hour flight to Rome…

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