RTW to Bali: United Airlines First Class Montreal – Newark


After an amazing First Class flight on Swiss, we landed at Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport, Montreal.


There was a United agent waiting for transiting passengers right out of the jet bridge. We were the first ones to her and she had only my boarding pass… not Joann’s. She instructed us to stop by a United-staffed desk as soon as possible. We weren’t too worried because we had a three hour layover.

We followed signs to immigration and it was our first time using our NEXUS memberships. We had gotten these about a year prior to the trip because the fee is reimbursed if you have an American Express Platinum Card.

NEXUS/Global Entry is AWESOME! Press one button on the screen and then look into the iris scanner. Good to go! It printed out a card with all our flight information on it already for each of us to present upon exit. It sure beat waiting in line for a few hours by the looks of the crowd.

We just walked all the way past baggage claim since our bags were checked all the way through to Newark and handed our NEXUS receipts to the customs agent. From plane to exit in less than 10 minutes; most of that was walking.

NEXUS receipt

NEXUS receipt

Then, we made the trek across the terminal to the United check-in area because we had to see an agent to figure out Joann’s lack of boarding pass.

After quickly sorting that out and catching a breath of fresh Montreal air, Joann and I walked towards security. The line wasn’t bad so we didn’t think anything of it but DAMN, was this SLOW! We were averaging one person through the backscatter machine per minute or so. It was really painful. And here I thought US security checkpoints were bad!

Since there is no United Club at YUL, there was nothing for us to do but grab a snack and sit at the gate. It was kind of disappointing to not be in a lounge before our last flight of this amazing trip, but hey, it happens.

YUL (Montreal) – EWR (Newark)
3 SEP 2012
Canadair CRJ-700
First Class

Seats 1D, 1F

We took our seats on this little CRJ-700, operated by a rather surly, obviously NJ/NY-based, ExpressJet pair of FAs. After we were seated and the rest of the plane was boarding, a few passengers had to have their bags gate checked. Some resisted, as usual, and the lead FA was not having that at all. What an attitude… ahh regional carriers, gotta love ’em!

Sad to be going home

Sad to be going home

The flight was smooth and quick, just enough time to serve us some drinks. We landed at Terminal A in Newark Airport (where all the United Express flights arrive/depart) and proceeded to wait for our bags at baggage claim, now having realized that our whirlwind journey was over.

How bittersweet! Stay tuned for the last installation of this Trip Report where I wrap up this RTW trip and fill you in on how you can do the same!

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  1. hansmast

    Is there a reason you didn’t go to the Maple Leaf Lounge in YUL? Also, there are some Priority Pass Lounges you could have used, since you’re AmexPlat.

    1. the hustle blog

      I didn’t know the Maple Leaf Lounge was accessible to be. What are the requirements?

      And for the PP, only I was a member at the time; Joann wasn’t. We didn’t feel it was worth it to pay $27 for the guest visit.

      1. hansmast

        Anyone flying in int’l *A F or C has access to the MLL. Also any Star Gold flying *A has access with a guest.

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