RTW to Bali: Selamat Tinggal, Komaneka!


For our last day in Bali, we decided to have breakfast delivered to our room and set up for us on our day bed. Nothing like a fresh cup of Indonesian coffee (my favorite) with a beautiful view.

American breakfast above the valley

American breakfast above the valley

After breakfast and quick dip in our plunge pool, we decided to finally visit the infinity pool. Hard to believe we waited until the day we left to hang out at this gem.

Komaneka at Tanggayuda Infinity Pool

Untouched lounge chairs and pool

Infinity Pool all to ourselves

Infinity Pool all to ourselves

We lounged at the pool for about an hour. It was so peaceful because absolutely no one was there. Presumably, they were out enjoying Ubud, but I wouldn’t blame anyone for just staying at Komaneka all day and relaxing.

After a short while, it was now time to pack up and go 🙁

Most of the staff were at the front desk to see us off. They actually presented us with gifts which was very nice. It’s always the little things!


Then, we were off for our 45 minute car ride to busy Denpasar. We arranged the car through the resort which, while an expensive option in Bali at $35, was still a decent price.

As we pulled up to the drop-off section of DPS airport, we felt the humid breeze and saw the long walkway full of people. Paradise no more!

DPS Bali Airport

The hot & humid walk to the terminal

Selamat tinggal (goodbye) and terima kasih (thank you), Komaneka!

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