$25 American Express Gift Card for $15 via Twitter

American Express loves their social media promotions… and so do we! Amex Sync, as they call it, is now being heavily advertised in the Twitterverse. Here’s a short video explaining how it works:

The latest from the @AmericanExpress team is a $25 Amex Gift Card for $15.

  1. Tweet #BuyAmexGiftCard25 to get started. You’ll be prompted by @AmexSync to sync your Card for purchases, if you haven’t already.
  2. Look for a response from @AmexSync with the confirmation #hashtag. Tweet this #hashtag (#ConfirmAmexGiftCard25) within 15 minutes of the response from @AmexSync to confirm your purchase.
  3. Once your purchase is confirmed (you will receive an email), your product will be shipped via free 2-day shipping.

amex-twitter-gc-promoQuantity is limited so hurry up!

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