RTW to Bali: Bali Hyatt, Sanur


We were really excited to arrive at the Bali Hyatt in Sanur. The driver stopped right at the entrance and, immediately, someone was there to take all of our bags. Before entering the main lobby, we had to go through a bag check and metal detector. It was a little odd, but at least they’re being safe.


Right away, someone offered us welcome drinks and cold towels on a platter. It was really refreshing since it was quite humid.

Main lobby & check in area

Main lobby & check in area

After seeing us finish those up, they offered to take us to the ‘dedicated’ Hyatt Platinum & Diamond check-in area.  It was really just a separate desk with a little plaque; it would have been more helpful if check-in was busy but it wasn’t.

The agent confirmed our Club King room and told us that the hours of the Regency Club for drinks and snacks. He thanked me for my Platinum status (that I got for free this year from a promotion) and walked us to our room, giving us a mini tour of the resort as we went.

The Room

Our Club King Room was a steal at 7,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points a night; the Bali Hyatt is a Category 1 hotel. If you don’t want Club access, it can be a thrifty 5,000 points a night.

Alternatively, the actual paid rate of this hotel isn’t bad. I don’t think I ever saw the rate over $200 for a regular King Room in the months leading up to our stay.

Either method is a steal, in my opinion, because this hotel is great. We were even given an upgraded room from Garden View to Ocean View because I emailed the hotel a few weeks before our arrival inquiring about paid upgrades. Never hurts to ask!

When we arrived to our room, our luggage was waiting for us along with a welcome letter explaining the benefits of the Regency Club access.

  • Complimentary continental breakfast
  • Complimentary evening drinks and snacks
  • All day coffee, tea, soft drinks, and juices
  • 20% discount on food and beverage
  • Complimentary [wired] Internet access in room and free WiFi in public areas

Note on the wired-only room internet: I didn’t think we’d run into that issue. My fault for not being prepared, but that problem was fixed because Santa gave me this travel router for Christmas – TRENDnet TEW-654TR.

Club King Ocean View Room

Club King Ocean View Room

Club King Ocean View Room

REALLY dated bathroom



The very tight balcony

The very tight balcony

The Food

The food at each of the restaurants we tried was good. Definitely not as good as some of the authentic Indonesian/Balinese food we had elsewhere on the island, but it sufficed when we were too lazy to get off property.

The food prices at the nicest of the restaurants, Cupak Bistro, were fair; not at all overpriced for in-hotel dining. Entrees ranged from $7-14 USD.

A chicken appetizer that was flavorful.. and spicy!

A chicken appetizer that was flavorful.. and spicy!

Good old nasi goreng

Good old nasi goreng (fried rice)

Can't forget the condiments!

Can’t forget the condiments – salty, spicy, sour!

The Regency Club

Joann and I loved the Regency Club at the Bali Hyatt! The entrance was a long walkway with more lush foliage. Friendly staff were there to greet and seat us and take our names on the first night. Every other night after that, they greeted us by name, always with huge smiles.

Path to the Regency Club

Path to the Regency Club

The Club had a mellow feel to it, with people quietly chatting at tables next to a large, snaking fish pond. Two of the staff played the gambang (Balinese xylophone) which was really relaxing. At some points, it felt like we were winding down at a spa.

Overall, it was just a great place to relax and hang out – complimentary breakfast, a variety of snacks, unlimited drinks (Bintang beer!), Balinese music… all for a 2,000 a night point premium. I’d do it again for sure.

Regency Club breakfast plate

Regency Club breakfast plate

The Facilities

The grounds and facilities at the Bali Hyatt were wonderful.

There were two pools – neither was ever really too busy. The main pool had a swim up bar that we definitely took advantage of. Getting chairs was a bit tough since we didn’t come earlier in the morning so we had to search around and didn’t get an optimal spot.

Main pool with swim up bar

Main pool with swim up bar


Bali Hyatt's beach

Bali Hyatt’s beach

The grounds themselves were as pristine as a beach resort can be. Every morning at or before sunrise, staff would be watering, sweeping, raking fallen leaves and debris off of the lawn and walkways. I’ve never seen so much care given to landscaping before. The gardens were bright green and pink with flowers. The hard work put in by the staff showed because the entire property was meticulously landscaped.

Beachcombing at sunrise

Beachcombing at sunrise

The Staff / Service

Speaking of the staff, they really are the highlight of the Bali Hyatt in Sanur. Every time we would pass by a staff member, they would stop what they were doing (usually cleaning) and greet us with a smile and a bow. They were always eager to help and never short with us.

It’s the little things like this that make you feel like you are truly a welcomed guest at their hotel.


Overall, I would give the Bali Hyatt an B+.

The grounds were beautiful and well kept. The food was good and well priced. The staff was out of this world accommodating. The only negative was the old styling of the rooms.

Oh and the biggest reason that we’ll be back here again when we return to Bali is the most important of all… amazing redemption value!

3 nights in a Club King Ocean View Room with Regency Club access = 21,000 Hyatt points = 21k Chase Ultimate Rewards points

Great value.

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