RTW to Bali: Arrival at DPS & Transfer to Bali Hyatt


After 25 hours of traveling, we finally made it to Bali!

Arrivals Process at DPS

Our first stop the Visas On Arrival counter; signs were easy to follow. I was a bit nervous since many of the people on FlyerTalk who have been to Bali before said the lines can be horrendous.

This is what you're looking for when you get off the plane

This is what you’re looking for when you get off the plane

We were some of the first passengers off the plane and decided to speed-walk to the Visa On Arrival counter. To our surprise, it was EMPTY.

We walked right up and handed the teller $25 each. The visa is $25 per visitor for up to 30 days.

From there, we went down the hall to Immigration which also had very short lines. We waited for a few minutes then got our passports stamped. We were in!

First thing was first… before we exited into the chaos and humidity of Southeast Asia, we needed to get a little local currency. Right before the exit, there are plenty of official money changers. I just walked up to one, checked out the exchange rate, handed over money, and got a receipt. It was pretty easy, but you definitely should be aware of the situation and make sure you don’t get short changed by any money changers.

Also, in places like Bali, the bigger bills you have, the better your exchange rate will be. 50s and 100s got much better rates and if you have a raggedy or damaged bill, they sometimes won’t even accept it! It happened to a few 20s during our stay.

Me exchanging for some Indonesian Rupiah

Me exchanging for some Indonesian Rupiah

All in all, it was a very easy arrival process. The only tips I’d give are to get to the Visa On Arrival counters before most of the people on your flight and to always be wary of anyone exchanging money for you. Know how much you should receive and use your own calculator (on your phone)!

With about a million Rupiah in hand, we headed out the exit to try to find our driver.

Transfer to Bali Hyatt

I arranged a car through the Hyatt e-Concierge for about $30. I suppose we could have taken a local taxi from the airport, but I wanted the piece of mind upon arriving.

After scanning the crowd of dozens of drivers looking for work, we finally found our contact from the Bali Hyatt. He wasn’t our actual driver; he was just going to escort us to the pickup area.

He took both our checked bags and we walked underneath an open air corridor for about 5 minutes. The actual pickup area was pretty far away compared to what we’re used to in the US.


When we got the pickup area, the contact told us to wait there and he called for the Bali Hyatt driver to come get us. The pickup area reminded me a lot of the Philippines – way too many cars and way too much traffic.

Picked up in style

Picked up in style


Right hand drive

Right hand drive

After making our way out of the terrible airport traffic, the ride to the Bali Hyatt in Sanur wasn’t bad at all… around 30 minutes.

Bali Hyatt gate

Bali Hyatt gated entrance

Bali Hyatt, Sanur

Bali Hyatt, Sanur


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