RTW to Bali: Cathay Pacific Lounges in Hong Kong – The Wing & The Pier


We were the first to disembark the plane and it was early (around 5am local time) so Joann and I had a leisurely walk in a quiet Hong Kong International Airport to the our first destination – The Wing, one of Cathay Pacific’s 4 lounges at HKG.

The Wing

hong kong cathay pacific lounges

Front entrance of The Wing

Upon entering, the Cathay lounge attendants took our lounge invitations that were printed in JFK and welcomed us with smiles. I immediately asked about a shower and they directed us to the end of the long hallway where another attendant would assist us.

hong kong cathay pacific lounges

The long hallway leading to the shower rooms

Luckily, there were two shower rooms available so we both went right in. Showering in an airport; who would’ve thought? It was perfectly refreshing and just what we needed after a 15 hour flight, especially with the elegant facilities and amenities.

Apparently the shower rooms here are newer than the ones at The Pier so this, along with the desire to see everything, was the reason we decided to freshen up here.

hong kong cathay pacific lounges

The Wing shower room

hong kong cathay pacific lounges

Big flush, little flush

The shower stall

hong kong cathay pacific lounges

Wish I had a rainfall showerhead in my bathroom!

After freshening, Joann and I just wanted to decompress a bit more in this lounge before moving to the next one. I mean, it’s not often you can just take a nice, long shower at the airport and totally wind down.

Since the First Class section of The Wing upstairs was closed for renovations (until early 2013), we just grabbed a couple of Coke Zeros and set up shop in the comfy chairs of The Wing. We held off on the food because we knew we’d be eating at the First Class lounge a little later.

hong kong cathay pacific lounges

The Wing seating

hong kong cathay pacific lounges

The food & drink area

After relaxing for a few and checking up on some emails and social networks, we decided to pack up and head to the next lounge.

The Pier

Since The Wing was by Gate 2 and The Pier was by Gate 63, we followed signs that led us to the Automated People Mover. It was a quick few minutes to get us closer to The Pier. Was it necessary? Nope! But we wanted to take a ride anyway.

We took the escalator down to the entrance of The Pier First Class Lounge, and the lounge agents let us in after I showed them our incoming First Class boarding passes.

hong kong cathay pacific lounges

The Pier First Class Lounge

For a First Class Lounge, I was kind of unimpressed, mostly due to the dim lighting and overall enclosed feeling. There are no actual windows to the outside. This is an interior lounge so they have semi-opaque curtains to block people traffic outside.

It was also pretty busy compared to The Wing. I guess since it’s a “First Class” lounge that most F passengers flock to it for name alone, but I didn’t find it too appealing other than The Haven.

The Haven is the buffet-style dining section of the First Class Lounge and it wasn’t busy at all so we brought our things over and set up shop.

The waiter was happy to take our drink order and bring us back a couple of Americanos while we perused the food offerings.

It was still breakfast so I made a plate of mostly dim sum. While it wasn’t mind blowing, it was pretty damn good and there was plenty of it. It would definitely tide me over until our flight to Bali.

Dim sum & hot chili paste

After finishing up our my multiple servings of breakfast, we went over to the Business side of The Pier since it has a much airier, open feel and the First side was just too crowded.

There were plenty of seats in this section so we planted ourselves in a little cubicle with 4 empty chairs.

hong kong cathay pacific lounges

The Wing – Business Class

We were able to check out The Long Bar, which is exactly what is sounds like – a really long bar. It wasn’t open yet (it was only about 9:30 am), but at least it was cool to see. I would have been more disappointed, but I was all liquored out from our previous flight! 😉

hong kong cathay pacific lounges

The Long Bar

This Business Class section of The Pier had a better view of the tarmac and mountains in the distance… much more scenic than the First Class side. I definitely liked it better.

Overall, this was one of the easiest long layovers (5 hours) we’ve ever had. Lounges may not be something you think of when travelling domestically, but they sure help when you’re traveling abroad.

With all great amenities (showers, food, drinks) you receive as part of your ticket and just simply a place to RELAX, it’s hard to argue that this is a wonderful way to travel.

After fully winding down from such a long, but amazing, flight, we were ready for the next part of our journey – the flight to Bali!

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