RTW to Bali: JFK & British Airways First Class Lounge


Round the World to Bali in First Class. This is where the trip begins.

JFK Terminal 7 Check-In

Joann’s Dad dropped us off at JFK Terminal 7 which is mainly used by British Airways and United Airlines. It was around 11:00pm so it wasn’t busy at all. We went around the corner to the Business & First Class check-in counters, which are separate from the Economy Class counters in the main area of the terminal.

After a long wait behind a large family with lots of bags and only one counter open, we walked to what I thought would be the quiet security checkpoint. To my surprise, it was closed. We had used it last time and it was so much easier as we were the only ones passing through. This time we were steered to the regular security checkpoint that was moving painfully slow (dreadful, I know!).

British Airways First Class Lounge

After security, Joann and I made our way upstairs to the British Airways First Class Lounge. It’s located through the same doorway as the Business Class Lounge; it’s just a separate area.

For me, this lounge wasn’t great at all. The alcohol options were a bit better than its Business counterpart but it was much more enclosed and tighter-feeling. The Business Class Lounge that we used last time was brighter, more airy, and had a better overall feel to it. No worries though, we only had a short time to wait until our 1:30am flight and nothing was going to spoil my mood!

british airways cathay pacific first class lounge

Self-serve bar

british airways cathay pacific first class lounge


british airways cathay pacific first class lounge

Some sandwiches & snacks

With 5 minutes left to go before scheduled boarding time, I told Joann that we should head down to the gate. Basically, I was just giddy to get on the plane and start enjoying our first international long-haul First Class!