American Express Small Business Saturday: Free $25 Credits

What’s the deal???

American Express Small Business Saturday is a promotion that AmEx runs to promote small business. In order to help promote this, American Express is offering a $25 credit when you spend $25 or more at a qualifying small business on Saturday, November 24, 2012.

The kicker is that you can register every single American Express card that you have. I’m pretty excited since between Joann and me, we have 15! That’s $375 worth of credit that AmEx will be sending us… and it’s never a bad thing to give some love to small businesses!

american express small business saturday 2012

Is it a good deal?

Is a free $25 credit for every single AmEx card you have a good deal? No.. it’s a GREAT deal!

How do I get in on this deal?

  1. Enroll each AmEx card you have here.
  2. Use their tool to find small businesses.
  3. On November 24, 2012, spend at least $25 in one purchase.
  4. You should receive an email very shortly after your purchase confirming the credit!

american express small business saturday 2012


An easy way to rack up the $25 credits is to buy a gift card at small businesses that sell them. That way, you can get your $25 credit and spend the $25 when you really need to.

There are plenty of non-name brand gas stations that are small businesses. I’ll be sure to leave room in my gas tanks to get $25 worth of free gas!


Easy enough right? This is one of the best promotion that American Express runs every year and it’s a win win for both consumers and small business owners. So register all your AmEx cards and get ready to spend next Saturday!

Terms & Conditions

1. Limit one (1) $25 statement credit per American Express Card.  To be eligible, Cardmembers must
enroll an eligible American Express Card in this offer at  Prepaid and Corporate
Cards are not eligible.  
2. The number of enrollments is limited.    Enrollment opens at 12:00AM MST (“Mountain Standard
Time”) on November 18, 2012, and will continue until 11:59PM MST on November 24, 2012 unless
the enrollment limit is reached sooner.    
3. To receive the $25 statement credit, the Cardmember must use his or her enrolled Card to spend
$25 or more in a single, in‐store transaction at a qualifying small business location on Saturday,
November 24, 2012.  To receive the credit, the transaction must equal $25 or more (for example, if
your transaction is only for $15, you will not receive a credit).  Multiple transactions of less than $25
will not qualify even if the combined total of those transactions is over $25.    You may purchase
multiple items that together equal $25 or more, but you must purchase them in a single transaction
to receive the statement credit.
4. Qualifying small business locations are those identified on the Shop Small® Map, available
at    In addition, small business locations that accept American Express through
Square also qualify and can be found on the Square Directory
at   Small business locations that do not appear on
the Shop Small® Map or that do not accept American Express through Square will not qualify for the
$25 statement credit offer.  Please note that business location information provided on the Shop
Small® Map and Square Directory may contain inaccuracies or errors, including as a result of
information provided by third parties. Transactions with political campaigns or political action
committees are not eligible, regardless of whether they appear on the Shop Small® Map or in the
Square Directory.
5. If American Express does not receive information that identifies a transaction as having occurred in‐
store at a qualifying small business location, the transaction will not qualify for the statement
credit.  For example, the following transactions will not be eligible for the credit:  transactions made
using an electronic wallet or any other transaction made through a third party; and transactions not
made directly with the merchant.
6. Statement credit will appear on your billing statement within 8 weeks after American Express
receives information from the merchant about your qualifying purchase. Note that American
Express may not receive information about your qualifying purchase from the merchant until all of
the items from your qualifying purchase have been provided or shipped by the merchant.     
7. Statement credit may be reversed if qualifying purchase is returned or cancelled.
8. The Card Registration Terms and Conditions will also apply at enrollment.

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