Southwest: How to Book a Companion Pass Ticket

So you’ve got a Southwest Companion Pass… now what?

Now you can take a companion with you on any Southwest flight you book – with cash and even with points! No restrictions!

As long as there’s a seat for sale on the flight, you can book your companion with you for the price of… FREE! Technically, they’ll pay taxes, a maximum of $10.

Here’s how you book a Southwest Companion Pass

  1. Book a flight for yourself. This should be easy enough to handle 😉
  2. Go into My Travel and click on Add a Companion.
  3. Verify that the flight details are correct and Checkout from this screen.
  4. You now have a new confirmation number for your companion. Note the total is only the taxes we paid for this trip since it was booked with points.
  5. Go back into My Travel and notice your updated trip. It now has a Confirmation and Companion Confirmation.

And you’re done!

Enjoy your upcoming trip that’s effectively a Buy One Get One Free deal!


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