$63 to Chicago: ORD United Club


After landing in the Concourse B area, we went to the closest United Club which was near Gate B6. Using the membership I received when I was approved for the Chase United MileagePlus Club card 6 months ago, we went upstairs and found a comfortable seat.

It was only 9am so the club was fairly empty. There was a meager breakfast spread – plain cereal, plain bagels, yogurt, and some donut holes. There was an espresso machine with some passable coffee.

united club ord chicago o'hare

Plenty of Seats

I know it doesn’t sound very exciting and, to be honest, it’s not. In my experience as the casual traveler, these airport domestic lounges aren’t really worth the price of admission ($40-50 for a day pass). They’re certainly handy if you need to take care of some business before your flight or if you have kids and want a better waiting area than the gate, but otherwise, they’re nothing more than a quieter space than the terminal and a more comfortable seat.

If I flew more 75,000 miles or more a year and spent much more time in airports, then maybe my opinion would change but after flying ~45,000 miles in 2012, I wouldn’t pay a $400+ yearly membership for these lounges.

What I would do is gain lounge membership as a credit card perk, like I did with this Chase MileagePlus Club card. It carries a hefty annual fee of $395, but that was waived when I applied. I definitely won’t be renewing this card next year. I basically just wanted to have a one year trial of the United Club. It’s a nice perk while traveling, but I can live without it. I just wanted to give my thoughts on domestic airport lounges.

After about 30 minutes in the lounge, our friends’ flight had landed and we met them outside the club and proceeded underground to the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) subway…

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