New York – San Francisco / Los Angeles Fare Sales

Seems there’s a nice fare war going on between American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Virgin America, and United Airlines.

Between either New York and San Francisco or New York and Los Angeles, the fares on all three airlines are at $238 for the nonstop flights.

I’m sure you all know that that’s a really good deal for those flights.

The sale looks like it continues until the week before Christmas with plenty of availability.

The best availability looks like Delta right now. Also, Delta & United have risk-free cancellation policies that the other two airlines don’t. You can cancel a ticket for FREE as long as you do so within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket.

It’s very handy for sales like this because you can buy now and figure out details later. If things don’t pan out, just cancel the ticket before 24 hours and you won’t lose a penny!

Sample Dates

Virgin America:

Delta Airlines:

American Airlines:


Hat tip to The Flight Deal