Update on Chase Southwest Credit Cards – 50,000 x 2 & Companion Pass

What’s the deal???

A little over a month ago, I wrote about a pretty sweet deal from Chase and Southwest Airlines. By applying for one personal and one business card and spending $1,000 on each of them, you can earn a bonus of 50,000 Rapid Rewards points for EACH card.

Spend a little more (to get your points total to 110,000 points) and you will earn the Southwest Airlines Companion Pass. It allows you to choose a person to fly with you for FREE! This is probably one of the best value propositions out right now.

So what’s the latest?

Joann followed the directions from the last post and applied for one personal card and one business card. Chase approved her for both cards.

Upon receiving the cards, we immediately eclipsed the $1,000 spending goals and eagerly awaited the statements to close so we could get our bonus points.

chase southwest credit card companion pass

46% to Companion Pass

Well, as you can see above, Joann was credited the 50,000 point bonus AND all those points counted towards the Companion Pass!

Great news! This means that when the other 50,000 point bonus posts, she’ll only be a few thousand points away from the Companion Pass… then I get to fly for free with her for the rest of 2012 PLUS all of 2013. 

Is it too late for me?

Nope, absolutely not!

As of right now, the links to the offers are still alive and there is no signal from Chase that this promotion will be ending.

So if you’re interested in over 100,000 Southwest points and having a friend or loved one fly for free with you until the end of 2013, hit up my previous post for more specific directions!