300 Free Priority Club Points! (Potentially Unlimited)

UPDATE 2: Apparently a loophole like this happened back in 2010 and PC locked the accounts of the offenders. So proceed at your own risk!

UPDATE: Seems like you can do this over and over again infinitely… on the same browsers too. This is definitely going to be shut down soon so good luck!

The Points Guy tells us that we can instantly earn 300 free Priority Club points just by downloading their search toolbar. I just tried this in the Google Chrome browser and I was credited 300 points just by downloading the toolbar from this link. I didn’t even have to install it.

Then, I tried downloading the toolbar AGAIN from Internet Explorer. The download was successfuly and, surprisingly, I was again instantly credited 300 more points!

I decided to push my luck some more and try the same thing in Mozilla Firefox. I entered my PC number, PIN, and info and voila… 300 more points!

So I can confirm that I received 3 separate entries of 300 points instantly in my Priority Club account. Not bad for a few keystrokes and some clicks. Enjoy!

Triple free bonus points!


13 Comments 300 Free Priority Club Points! (Potentially Unlimited)

  1. diego

    I did too many attempts on one of the familys accts, and now its closed. Warning to everyone, that acct is likely to be closed. Not worth the risk, especailly if you have points/status.

  2. SingaporeFlyer

    I too got greedy and now my account is frozen. Fortunately it was my secondary account, but now I am afraid they might audit and discover my duplicate set up. Be careful. Be happy with 300 or 600 free points.

  3. Denver

    Same as Diego. I did it 10-15 times on my account and now it’s locked. I can’t log in anymore. If I am caught, will they take my other points away?

    1. the hustle blog

      As per the last time this happened in 2010, they will probably audit and take away the excess points, leaving you with what is rightfully yours – 300 points. I don’t think they’d take away any more than that.

      1. Denver

        Oh ok, thanks. My fingers are crossed nothing bad happens. I don’t want to lose my 50,000+ points.

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  5. Ozaer N.

    you guys are rookies hehe i only had 1400 pts so i went all out…got platinum status and at 200K pts….it was a thrill..while it lasted

  6. GORDO

    I have had my PCR account closed, with loss of all points + Royal Ambassador status.
    DO NOT attempt to claim additional points from PC.
    This means codes or promos that MAY allow you to claim more than once.
    They will blame you, and close you account, even though their system allows you to do it.

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