Chase Southwest Credit Cards – 50K x 2 & Companion Pass

One of the best credit card combo deals is back. Chase has brought back the offers for both the PERSONAL and BUSINESS Southwest credit cards. Each card boasts a 50,000 point bonus after an easy spending threshold of $1,000 in the first three months of opening your account. With two approvals, you could be looking at over 100,000 points which is worth over $1,600 in airfare at Southwest!

Why am I applying for 2 cards?

Because by applying for two cards and earning the 50,000 point bonus twice, you will be a little bit of effort away from a Southwest Companion Pass! This will allow a designated companion to fly with you on any Southwest flight you take, whether you paid for it or redeemed points for it! Simply put, there is no better deal in the airline industry if two people are looking to fly together often.

Another great thing about the companion pass is that when you earn it, you get to use it for the remainder of the year you earned it (2012) and all of the next calendar year as well (2013). If you could time this right and apply in January, you could be looking at almost two years of free companion flights!

So you receive this Companion Pass by earning 110,000 qualifying points in a calendar year. Let’s do some math:

  • Southwest Personal card bonus points = 50,000 
  • Southwest Business card bonus points = 50,000 
  • Points earned from completing each card’s minimum spend = 2,000
  • TOTAL POINTS = 102,000

As you can see, you’d be a mere 8,000 points away from hitting the goal of 110,000 points. I’m sure that none of you would have trouble coming up with different ways of earning 8k points, especially since Southwest has a shopping portal.

I don’t have a business. Can I get a Business card?

Sure you have a business! One of my “businesses” is blogging. My “business” before that was selling things on eBay. And I’m sure you can think of something that you can do that would qualify as a Sole Proprietorship in the eyes of Chase!

There are 4 Chase Southwest credit cards. Which one(s) do I apply for?

Pick ONE personal and ONE business from the links below (I don’t get any commission for them):

Ok, you picked one of each? Now apply for both one after the other… or both at the same time, doesn’t matter. You will likely only get instantly approved for one and have the other sent to further review.

No problem! We’ve been through this before. Simply call the Chase reconsideration line and explain why you need two similar cards – keeping personal/business expenses separate is always a good reason ;-). If they say that Chase has extended you all the credit they can, offer to move some credit from one card to this new account. If that fails, offer to close a card (that you don’t mind closing) and use that line of credit for this new Southwest card.

And if THAT fails, well then hang up and call again, hoping you get a different agent.


This is a combo that I held off on before but will be going for this time around. The value proposition of free companion flights for almost a year and a half is just too great. If you find yourself wanting to do a lot of domestic travel and have room to spare in your Chase stable, I’d say give this deal a shot!


Thanks to Extra Pack of Peanuts where I first read the news!

10 Comments Chase Southwest Credit Cards – 50K x 2 & Companion Pass

  1. david

    Sorry to burst the bubble, but program enrollment points don’t count towards the companion pass.

    1. the hustle blog

      Is that confirmed? If so, that’s a shame. I will still take the 100k Southwest points! I’m going to read around and update the post if this is true.

      Thanks for the heads up, david.

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  5. jeff

    If I sign up now, but wait until january to get the 50k bonus points by spending x amount of dollars, will it count towards 2012 calendar year?

    1. the hustle blog

      That’s a great tactic, but it will actually count towards the 2013 calendar year. If you earn your 110,000 points in say, January 2013, you will have Companion Pass until December 2014!

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