Final Tally & Some Tips for Club Carlson’s Promotions


These Club Carlson promotions have been some of the most fun promotions I’ve done in a long time. Both Joann and I got to check out a few hotels as part of a long weekend. We each got to do our first mattress run, too. And to top it off, we earned a boat load of points while we were at it!

As of today, all our stays are complete and all our bonus points have posted. All the points have been consolidated into my account since I have Silver elite status with Club Carlson. All in all, with the help of my Dad’s account and also Joann, we earned 264,311 points from this promotion. I can’t say I’ve ever earned that much from one promotion before! Club Carlson is really making a big splash as an up and coming hotel chain (at least in the frequent traveler community).

All my Club Carlson activity

As you can see, I have over 300,000 points in my account now. The one thing that should be brought to the forefront, as always, is that hoarding points is NOT good. Points are only valuable if you use them so Joann and I plan to use these points within the next year. Club Carlson has plenty of high end properties in Europe so maybe a jaunt to Paris or London is in the near future. And I’m sure we’ll have plenty of points left over to send a niece and nephew 😉 to the Radisson near Disneyworld for only 9,000 points per night… what a bargain! Either way, I just want to hammer the point home that you should USE YOUR POINTS!


  • In my experience, you don’t need to check out in person. I did for some stays and didn’t for others and all bonus points posted fine.
  • Prior to booking, search your favorite cashback site in order to knock a few bucks off the room rate – Big Crumbs, eBates, TopCashback.
  • How to transfer Club Carlson points
    • Call 1-888-288-8889
    • Press 4 to speak to a representative
    • The agent will ask for your Club Carlson membership number and a few details to verify your identity (home address & e-mail)
    • Request a points transfer and supply the recipient’s membership number – if you need my number, let me know 😉
    • Note: You can transfer any amount of points; there is no minimum nor an increment you have to follow.

While I hope Club Carlson has more promotions like this in the future, a part of me thinks there could be a devaluation of points happening in the near future. With so many points being minted out of no where, this is a real possibility and it illustrates the exact reason you shouldn’t hoard your points. Use them as soon as you have an opportunity because who knows if Club Carlson may create a new top tier of hotel that will cost more than 50k points a night. If that happens, points could become a lot less valuable in a click of a mouse. Just some food for thought.

The next thing I’m really waiting for is from Club Carlson is their credit card! It’s supposed to be introduced in Q4 of this year from US Bank, and I’m sure it’ll have a sign-up bonus offered with it. I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted with that news when more info becomes available. Until then, happy earning and burning!

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  1. Cheryll

    I definitely have to pay attention to my points status like you do. We take a lot of overnight trips and make a lot of purchases and we should take advantage of what we can. Thanks for all the great tips!

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