Hotel Review: Country Inn & Suites Waldorf, MD

Thanks to promotions like the Big Night Giveaway (Radisson) and the Stay 1 Get 1 (Country Inns & Suites), Club Carlson has put itself on my hotel map. With a promotion as easy as “Stay one night, earn xx,xxx points,” it’s hard for me not to jump right in. Couple, with that, the fact that we had to head down to Waldorf, MD for Joann’s goddaughter’s 4th birthday, and this promotion was just begging to be maxed out by me.

As fate would have it, I found a Country Inn & Suites right in Waldorf – a whopping 4.5 miles from Joann’s cousins’ house. So Joann booked a room for Friday night, and I, Saturday night. Simple enough, that would take care of each of our promotion bonuses.


Freshly baked Otis Spunkmeyer cookies. That’s all I really remember from check-in. That and a friendly front desk agent whom we informed of our separate but consecutive night stay plan.


Joann’s room was a standard studio with a King sized bed, desk, TV, and a few lounging chairs. There was a welcome bag that had a note signed by the GM, two bags of chips, a granola bar, and a bottle of water. Nice touch.

My room, for the second night, was a 1 bedroom suite. The actual bedroom was pretty small with just enough room for the King sized bed and the TV on a stand. No welcome amenity for me, even as a Silver elite! šŸ™

Both rooms also had a microwave and medium sized refrigerator which is handy if you want to bring some leftovers back to your room.


We didn’t make use of the facilities but did check out the exercise room next to the elevator. It was 2-3 treadmills and bikes and one all-in-one weight and pulley machine. It looked pretty cramped in there. There’s also a pool that stays open until midnight but when we arrived, it was almost 1:00 AM and the pool was closed.


Breakfast was similar to the Radisson Carteret that I’ve been staying at – scrambled eggs, home fries, and chicken patties were the hot choices. Fruits, juices, and assorted pastries were the cold items. There was also a waffle maker that made great waffles. That was really the only thing that was good; the rest was OK at best. The scrambled eggs were watery, probably from being kept in the warming pans for so long. The home fries were soggy. The chicken patties tasted like they were straight out of a Hungry-Man TV dinner.


After the first night, we went to the front desk to speak to the agent about our check out and back in plan. She didn’t exactly get it and we were kind of in a hurry so we just decided to check out normally and then check back in later that night. Apparently, she didn’t understand that I didn’t care if I reserved a suite; I was perfectly OK with staying in our original studio. We only had one small weekend bag with us anyway so it wasn’t a big deal at all.

After the second night, we just dropped the keys off at the front desk and mentioned we were checking out of room 218 and that was that.


Overall, I probably won’t stay here again the next time we come to visit Joann’s cousins. The regular rooms are too loud and breakfast was just a turnoff. If a suite was available for a good rate (under $100), then I would consider it because it’s Ā located in a convenient, commercial area very close to family. Then again, Joann and I will earn a total of 88,000 Club Carlson points from these two nights that we were going to complete anyway. Also, on the way home, we stopped by my old reliable, Radisson Carteret, for Joann to check in and complete her Radisson stay. So, this weekend will earn us a grand total of 138,000 Club Carlson points. That’s a productive weekend!

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  1. Wany May

    I had a stay in Country Inn & Suites in Columbus, OH. I have to say, it was a large turn off. The stay was not cheap but the quality was quite below expectation. And the “suite” I booked really is just a large king room. Welcome amenity? never see one. The breakfast is even worse than yours. Besides the waffle maker, the only hot thing available was sausage patties.

    1. the hustle blog

      Sadly, it seems to be the trend for these Country Inns. I might have another stay for a family member at the one in Newark, NJ this weekend. I’ll definitely review it and compare if I end up staying.

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