No More Premier Access Security for Chase United MileagePlus Explorer Cardholders

As Mommy Points pointed out earlier this morning, Chase and/or United seem to have removed the Premier Access Security benefit from the Chase MileagePlus Explorer credit card. The “Premier Access” logo did not print out on her boarding pass and, without that, she cannot access the Premier Access security line. I questioned whether this was just a one-off, but the change is even reflected on the credit card’s main page –

This may not be a major blow to the credit card but it is significant. There are still, however, benefits as a non-elite cardholder such as the free checked bag, priority boarding (one group ahead of the general public), two free United Club passes every year, and primary auto rental coverage.

The move makes sense, in my opinion. I know that in my home airport (EWR), the Premier Access security line is usually just as busy, if not busier, than the regular security line. As it stands, that Premier Access is worthless. After all, it’s easy enough to get approved for the credit card. With this change, hopefully the Premier Access line will actually be faster and server a purpose for Elites.

If you have the Chase United MileagePlus Explorer credit card, does this change bother you? Are you going to keep the card or cancel it?

7 Comments No More Premier Access Security for Chase United MileagePlus Explorer Cardholders

  1. Mark

    As long as i have the other perks, I’ll probably still keep the card. Not having premier access for security isn’t a big deal to me.

  2. AKold

    Why should it bother people? It was never a stated benefit — looking at screen shots I took in December, it says “Priority Boarding,” not “Premier Access” or “Priority Security.”

    And Premier Access/Sky Priority/Priority AAccess helps a ton at airports like LAX; giving it to anyone who signs up for a credit card would dilute the benefit for actual frequent flyers who rely on that line to save time over many visits. If anything, UA/DL don’t give the benefit to 25K flyers … you need to have mid-tier elite status.

    1. the hustle blog

      I think back when it was the CO OnePass Plus card that has this “Elite Access” and then the benefit just carried over. Maybe now they are re-aligning their benefits.

      And my post agrees with your second sentiment. This is a good move because it will make the Premier Access line actually useful.

  3. PatrickC.

    Doesn’t make a difference – just get there early like you’re supposed to.  Don’t be the D-bag that shows up late and tries to cut the line.

  4. Mommy Points

    I agree that I don’t think it was ever a stated benefit of this specific card – I think it was part of the Elite Access days w the Continental card.  As a non-elite I thought it was a great perk, but I would never argue with the fact that it did dilute the benefit some for non-elites (though most cardholders prob didn’t know about/use that benefit anyway).  However, it is important to know it has changed if you were used to using that perk.  

  5. Rcwork

    I have both the Continental Onepass and the United Explorer Card.  I’ve had them for about a year now, I just read the documents that came with the United Explorer Card.  Nowhere does it say on any of the paperwork that you get “Premier Access”.  I don’t think that United has changed the benefit on the card.  I think it must have been a glitch in the system that allowed people with no status/ cardholders to use this benefit.   

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