Club Carlson Confusion

UPDATE 5/19: Club Carlson has done the right thing! According to Radisson’s Facebook page, existing reservations WILL BE ELIGIBLE for the promotion! This is exactly how the situation should be handled. Kudos to Club Carlson’s marketing department! Thanks to Jeff the Wanderer for the tip-off.

As you may have read on Mommy PointLoyalty Traveler, and Deals We Like, there are some major issues with the handling of these free night promotions. The gist of the story is that a Club Carlson Facebook representative confirmed, 5 days before the promotion went live, that existing reservations would be eligible for the promotion. However, after the promotion went live on 5/15, Club Carlson then stated that existing reservations would NOT be eligible.

Here is the screenshot that I luckily saved from their page. They since edited or took down what you see in the capture.

This is obviously a problem for people who took the word of the Club Carlson rep on Facebook and booked non-refundable reservations. If this reversal stays true, then these people are basically s*** out of luck.

This is just poor form on the company’s part. They explicitly told their FB followers one thing and then turned around and stated another. Now, all their social media fronts are either ignoring any questions on the subject or replying with generic “Please see our terms & conditions” response.

Sure, this could be a mistake. Maybe whoever was in charge of the FB page was wrong regarding that part of the promotion. However, instead of clarifying immediately and making another announcement about existing reservations, the post was just deleted and ignored. That’s a terrible way to handle a promotion.

So, if you are participating in this promotion, let Club Carlson know what you think of this dishonesty – Facebook pageClub Carlson TwitterRadisson Twitter.

Club Carlson, we are asking you to do what’s right and stand behind the integrity of your company. This should not have played out like this…

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