When you want to find out which restaurants are good, do you use Yelp? When you want to find out which hotel to stay at, do you hit up Trip Advisor? You’re probably the type of person to use This is a new website that is currently in public beta.

If you’re a traveler conscious about their quality of travel, routehappy can be pretty valuable. You can sort through reviews with several different criteria – the actual flight number, city pairs, or just search a particular airlines’ reviews. Want to know how United is doing since the merger? Search for it and sort by date. I know that I want the best possible ¬†experience when I fly so I utilize this part of routehappy often. When booking award trips for friends and family, I want to know the highest reviewed routes and book those flights. I want to know what airlines to avoid and how I can get to the quickest security checkpoint.

Also, if you’re an avid reviewer like me, you will love this site. You can review the departure airport, the flight itself, the arrival airport, and everything in between. You can leave tips or warnings for future passengers (this part is helpful to everyone). And like so many new websites these days, there is a social aspect to routehappy. Points and badges are given for writing reviews and also if people find your reviews “Useful” or “Amusing”. It’s this kind of foursquare-esque interaction that keeps me interested and wanting to contribute to the site more.

Overall, I just wanted to give my quick opinion on the startup I encourage you to contribute so knowledge about flight experiences will spread, but if not, at least use it to know what things to avoid when flying! You can see my routehappy flight reviews here.

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