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What a great end to a busy week in the travel world! I had some wonderful experiences that really make you realize how awesome the travel community really is. I already wrote about Thursday’s 2012 Freddie Awards and they were a blast. On Friday, Randy Petersen hosted a Travel Executive Summit. It was a moderated discussion among top executives from some major loyalty programs in the travel industry. Some topics that were discussed were using points as currency (boo!) and what makes hotel loyalty programs tick.

And then we come to the highlight of the weekend, Frequent Traveler University. At $99 for 2 days of sessions (including lunch), this is an event worth attending. There is content for beginners and experts alike. Everyone in the miles and points community is super friendly and you can strike up a conversation with just about anyone. If you don’t learn at least ONE thing this weekend about miles and points, then you just aren’t listening.

I won’t go into detail about each session because 1) you should go yourself and 2) in my opinion, there was no crazy groundbreaking info shared. I will say that this was an amazing event and totally worth it. There is so much information on the Internet and the forums, but these seminars really explain that data in easy to understand ways. Moreover, just the coming together of so many passionate minds is an invaluable experience. There were some great giveaways, some even donated by generous milepoint members, and even a new iPad was raffled off. I won a bottle of wine! Probably for the best because I was one of the few that drove. I can’t imagine all these savvy frequent flyers checked any bags. All net proceeds went to the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

If your’e interested in attending one of these things, Tommy announced that there will be another FTU in Los Angeles from Dec. 7-9 and the Chicago Seminars still have seats available. Don’t hesitate! I had so much fun this weekend that I hope I can attend another one!

Special thanks for FTU goes to Randy, Tommy, Ed, BrianGaryDaraiusSummerSeth, and everyone that made this event possible! 

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  1. Mommy Points

    Totally agree. Something for everyone and miles and points junkies are amazingly friendly. 😉 Great meeting you and hope to have more time to chat next time!

  2. Dhammer53

    Maybe the oldtimers don’t get much out of this, but newbees report they learn lots of useful information. What’s old hat to us is an ‘Oh My’ moment to those that are just getting into the game.

    1. infamousdx

      For sure, a friend who’s new to this came with me and he said he learned some good tips. I learned some nice tips, too, especially in the ‘secret’ session so I’ll continue to frequent these events!

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