Hawaii 219: EWR-HNL BusinessFirst

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Date: February 15, 2012
Flight: CO15/UA15
Aircraft: Boeing 767-400 (76H)
Departure Time: 11:35AM
Seats: 1K, 1L


Since we were on the same flight as about 20+ friends and family, we skipped the United Club and went straight to the gate to hang around. Premier Access boarding began, but we were waiting for a few more people so we got caught up in a slight queue at the gate, nothing terrible. We were on in a few minutes and turned left to head to our bulkhead seats in BusinessFirst (BF), 1K & 1L. The flight attendant greeted us with a smile and we asked her if she could stow Joann’s wedding dress and my suit in the crew closets. She was very happy to help and before she left asked if we wanted anything to drink. We had our Starbucks iced coffees so all we wanted was a couple of ice waters. She came back with a hot towel and then once again with the waters. Finally, we were ready to fly to Hawaii!

The Seat

Excited to try out these BF recliners, Joann and I got settled right away. Now these aren’t the new United Lie-Flat seats, but they were pretty comfy. And with all the last minute packing and wedding prep, I’m sure neither of us would have trouble catching a few hours of shuteye on this daytime flight. We chose row 1 because these seats recline a LOT and we didn’t want to stare at the tops of people’s heads for 11 hours. With the bulkhead seats, we were able to have more space in front of us and also easily get out of our seats to go to the lavatory.

BusinessFirst Bulkhead Legroom

Footrest Fully Extended

The Food

Lunch was served shortly after wheels up. Since we were in row 1, we got first choice. Joann went for the vegetarian/pasta option of spinach manicotti. I opted for the chicken breast and gnocchi. Both were actually very good for airline food. After lunch, the famed ‘Continental’ sundae service started. Now, it was probably because we were up in the air, but this was one of the best ice cream sundaes I’ve ever had. Yeah… it was probably because we were up in the air.

Spinach Manicotti

Chicken Breast & Gnocchi

Sundae Cart

Sundae with everything on it

In-Flight Entertainment

After dessert, we decided to watch a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother on our phones. Continental’s in-flight entertainment on these planes was practically useless to me – full of broken channels and terrible selection. Side note, I have to get a pair of these Bose QC15 noise canceling headphones. I bought a pair for Joann and I got a chance to try them out in the air and they are amazing! While we were watching, the FA’s passed out some milk and freshly baked cranberry white chocolate cookies, a great touch. About an hour later, it was time for a nap. Reclining the full 156 degrees, falling asleep was fairly easy… no thanks to the worthless pillow and cheesecloth that were supplied. We slept for a solid 4 hours before waking up somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.

Milk & Cookie

The Rest

We got up and made our way to the 2nd Economy cabin to hang out with some friends and family. There isn’t much room there to congregate. I wish, at least for this flight, that Continental would take after Virgin Atlantic and have a bar area. After some more mingling and playing with the niece and nephew, we made it back up front for the pre-landing snack. It was some sort of burrito and it was damn good.

Pre-Landing Burrito

The last hour or so was spent looking out at the beautiful islands of Hawaii. Landing was smooth and we taxied to the gates with all the other United 767’s and a United 737.


About to land

Celebrity Sighting! Kelly Rippa & husband

Passengers disembarked through door 1L, which meant great news for us – first ones off the plane! The FA brought Joann’s wedding dress to her, but not my suit. It was no problem as I grabbed it from the closet on the way out the door. We said goodbye and thank you to our great flight crew and walked down the jet bridge. Then through the indoor gate and out into the warm, open air terminal of Honolulu International Airport

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